My #1 Secret to "Locking In" Your Metabolic Upgrade, Boosting Energy, Mood and Mental Performance Even More AND Bulletproofing Yourself from the Ravages of Old Age…

  • I Will NOT Let You Lose the Progress You’ve Worked SO Hard to Earn…
  • I Will SHOW You How to Take Your Metabolism to the Next Level…
  • I Will SHARE My Secrets that Keep Me Feeling Like a Teenager…

Hey folks, it’s Dr. Jonny here and today I wanted to answer the #1 question I get EVERYWHERE I go:

How exactly, at the ripe old age of 67, can I look like I am 57, feel like I am 47, act like I am 37 and have the energy of a 27 year old?

Well, surprisingly, the answer to this question holds the key to YOU
"locking in" your metabolic upgrade for good, but ALSO to graduating
to the NEXT level of metabolic awesomeness.

That’s right folks… as good as it is right now, I’m gonna show you exactly how to make it even better.

You’ve Only Just Scratched the Surface of Your
Metabolic-Boosting, Age-Reversing,
Disease-Fighting Potential…

You see, you’ve only just SCRATCHED the surface of what’s possible for your body, your brain, your health and your life.

Yes, I’ve read your Facebook posts so I KNOW how many of you are feeling, looking and acting SO much better after those first 22 days.

But truth be told, that’s just a teaser of what it’s like to have TOTAL and FULL mastery of your metabolism.

Think about it — it took YEARS, if not decades to sustain the metabolic damage that’s caused your suffering.

So doesn’t it make sense it’s going to take a bit longer than 22 days to recover from it completely?

And maybe a bit longer than that to get to TRULY optimal health and vitality?

Once you experience THAT — you’ll NEVER want to go back to how it was…

Warning: You are at Risk...

Your Progress May be Wiped Out If Those
Destructive Old Habits Rear Their Ugly Head…

THE most important help I can give you right now is to show you exactly how NOT to fall back into old habits…

  • to have your day dominated by uncontrollable hunger…
  • to slog your way through life with an energy tank that’s running on fumes…
  • to have your thinking slow down again and all of those chronic aches, pains and other frustrating problems return…
  • to see your medical bills skyrocket and bounce from one expensive, uncaring specialist to another, from one dangerous drug to the next, just papering over the symptoms while not actually fixing the REAL problems causing your pain…
  • and of course, to see all of that fat come piling BACK on to your belly, hips and thighs…

In fact, I bet most of you are ALREADY painfully aware of the devastation of seeing yourself fall back into the old ways, your waistline expand and your health go back into the toilet.

You Are Part of MY Family Now, The Sherpa Family,
So That Backsliding is NOT Gonna Happen!!!

NO way, NO how am I gonna let that happen to you.

You are part of MY family now, The Sherpa family, and come hell or high water, you’re gonna KEEP that metabolic upgrade, your leaner body and sharper mind and NOT backtrack.

In fact, I’m gonna show you how to revitalize your health, boost your energy, improve your mental performance and bulletproof yourself to the ravages of old age even MORE than you have so already.

The sad reality is that today’s world is loaded with traps, temptations and other pitfalls that can totally sabotage your success.

Whether it’s dangerous toxins, blocked hormones, poor functioning DNA, hidden food allergens, an unsupportive spouse or family, a traumatic life event or something else…

…the point is, unless you protect yourself from the inevitable metabolic landmines you’re gonna run into, your hard earned gains can vanish in an instant, leaving you frustrated, depressed, angry and just downright resentful. But that’s NOT gonna happen, NOT this time — NOT on my watch!

Confession Time: I Used to Struggle With
My Weight, I Was Teased, Embarrassed
and Felt Ashamed…in Fact, I Almost Died…

So that brings me back to the question that everyone wants to know…

…which is how exactly, at the ripe old age of 67, I look like I am 57, feel like I am 47, act like I am 37 and have the energy of a 27 year old?

Well, if you know my story, you know it wasn’t always this way — I used to struggle as a kid being overweight and being teased.

I used to wake up with no energy, stumble through the day loading up on coffee to stay alert, crashing and absolutely MISERABLE when I came home — I was NOT someone you wanted to be around.

I even battled with food — and yes, even drug addiction back in the 1980s — in fact, it nearly ended my life. I can talk about it freely now, but boy, THAT was a dark time in my life.

25 years ago, I was ANYTHING but the model of health, fitness or nutrition.

But those days are long gone, thanks to a change I made that I’m gonna share with you in a bit.

This ONE question everyone asks me though, got me thinking of something profound.

What We Accept as "Normal" Only Sets Us Up to Be
Sick, Fat, Tired, Depressed and Old…

Shocking Stats of What
It’s Like to be “Normal”…

  • 106,000 Deaths/Year from FDA-approved Medicines
  • 70% of Adults Have Some Type of Chronic Disease
  • 66% of Adults are Overweight or Obese
  • 1 in 3 Seniors Die with Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • 1 Out of Every 4 People Die of Heart Disease
  • 21,000 People Die of Cancer Every Day
  • The Average Person Takes TWELVE Prescription Drugs per Year
  • Obesity Dramatically Raises Your Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer

Somehow, we’ve gotten to the point where we think it’s NORMAL to crawl out of bed after a difficult night of sleep.

  • that it’s NORMAL to struggle through the day with NO energy…
  • that it’s NORMAL to be stressed out, your mood on edge, ready to snap at a moment’s notice…
  • that it’s NORMAL to end the day totally exhausted with no energy to do anything…
  • that it’s NORMAL to develop aches, pains and rough, wrinkled, spotted skin as you age…
  • that it’s NORMAL to see your sex drive and interest in your spouse plummet over time…
  • that it’s NORMAL for a woman to gain weight around her belly, hips and thighs as she ages…
  • that it’s NORMAL for a man to suffer from low testosterone, depression or lack of motivation as he ages…
  • and WORST of all, that it’s NORMAL to rely on drugs to go to sleep, drugs to stay awake and drugs to fix your health problems.

Well folks, I gotta tell you, that’s simply NOT normal as your first 22 days of your metabolic upgrade from New You in 22 have shown.

Your Metabolism, Body and Brain Have an AMAZING
Capacity to Heal… IF You Take the Right Steps…

In fact, those first 22 days have shown that if you pay even the SLIGHTEST attention to your body, if you remove the things that poison it, and add in the things that nourish it, your body, brain and metabolism can not only quickly recover, they can FLOURISH and be better than ever.

“It NEVER ceases to amaze me how quickly our brain and body can rebound — when you treat them right.”

So the FIRST thing I want you to do today is redefine for yourself what normal is.

This new mindset, a different way of viewing what’s normal, is what’s gonna allow you to live your life to the fullest, to enjoy all of the pleasure of family, friends and the experience, joy and fun that life has to offer.

That’s the very first thing I did when I decided once and for all to reclaim my life over 25 years ago and I’ve NEVER looked back.

So What Exactly IS Normal Then Jonny?

Well, how about that 80-year old woman I see at my yoga class, or that 70 year old man I know who is running his 3rd marathon since turning 60!

Or that 60 year-old grandmother who’s got the skin of a 30 year-old or the 70 year old grandpa who runs circles around his grandchildren…

Or how about the 40-year old mother of 2 with a flat stomach, boundless energy who has time not just for her family, but also for HER self?

Or all of those 50 somethings I know who are making a total killing in their careers, excelling at work while still finding the time for the family stuff… you know, the stuff that REALLY matters.

Well folks, THAT is what’s normal, THAT is what I am going to teach you
how to claim for yourself today, in the EXACT same way that I decided to do
it nearly 25 years ago.

The #1 Change I Made That’s Allowed
Me to Flourish at 67 While Others Have
Flailed, Creaked, Fattened and Sickened…

Ok, so what is this BIG change that I made that’s allowed me to flourish when most people are flailing?

Well, put simply, I decided that I was gonna learn EVERYTHING I could learn about optimizing my metabolism, revitalizing my health and protecting myself from the ravages of aging.

To do that I needed to not just devour the available research, but also to get plugged into the network of THE best minds when it came to nutrition, dieting, health, fitness and longevity.

I needed to discover EXACTLY what these experts knew, what was working right now, so I would NEVER let myself backslide and suffer from lack of energy, a bloated belly, or a dull mind EVER again.

I went on a rampage and got an MS in Psychology, 6 personal training certifications, a PhD in Nutrition, became a certified nutritionist and went to countless seminars, special trainings and conferences.

Then I hunted down the world’s foremost health experts, befriended them, studied with them and brought myself up to speed with all of the state-of-the-art fat-burning, age-defying, disease-fighting techniques they were using.

I did this ALL in my quest to pinpoint exactly what I needed to do to keep my metabolism humming and improve my chances of living to 100 and beyond.

And guess what — all of that hard work paid off, big time.

I am blessed today to be able to network with some of the best minds in the world who I can turn to with literally any question I have about anything that stands in my way of living past 100.

I only wish I had known at 37 what and WHO I know now at 67!!!

But You Don’t Have to Devote 10 Years of Your Life
to Learn All This Stuff, Just Do THIS Instead
(Quick Time-Saver)…

But just to be clear folks — I am not telling you to take off 10 years of your life and do the same thing!

Nope, anything but — what I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to today is something that will give you all of this age-defying, fat-burning, disease-fighting advice delivered on a silver platter…

…something that will deliver you a steady dose of tips, tricks and techniques that will keep your metabolism finely tuned for life, slow DOWN the aging process with the goal of helping you live to 100 and beyond.

Not only that, but also help take your fat loss and health gain to the next stage — reaching a level of success that simply wasn’t possible in just the 22 days we had during New You in 22.

Most of us spend decades unknowingly damaging our health and our metabolisms, so doesn’t it make sense that it’ll take at least a few months to totally reverse that damage?

Well, this is something that me and my partners at Natural Health Sherpa, the publisher of New You in 22, have been wanting to do for years, but we didn’t have the time, resources, team or technology in place to do it…that is until now.

Introducing the Metabolic Mastery Club:

A Private Insider’s Club Privvy to the Latest
Cutting Edge Techniques that Keep You Fit, Trim, Happy,
Healthy and Feeling Young for Life…

I am absolutely thrilled to open the doors for the first time ever to The Metabolic Mastery Club.

The Metabolic Mastery Club — or MMC for short — is our way of creating a cutting edge metabolism-enhancing, health-boosting, life-extending network you can tap into whenever you need it.

…allowing you to KEEP your metabolic engine humming
and your brain and body health in tip-top shape
so you too can do yoga when you are 80, run a marathon when you are 70, have more energy than your grandkids when you are 60 and power through your hectic days when you are 40 and 50.

But instead of you having to take 10 years out of your life to go back to school — I mean, who wants to do that!!! — listen to hundreds of hours of lectures, read through thousands of hours of research, we’ve pulled this all together for you and served it up on a silver platter you can access EVERY day.

When you surround yourself with a network of extremely talented, supportive people who are all passionate about the same things as you — an amazing thing happens.

Without consciously trying, you start automatically adopting their knowledge, expertise and habits. And that’s when REALLY good things start happening for you. It did for me and I KNOW it will for you as well.

This is a private, paid membership offering for which there are only a limited number of open slots available during this launch.

And as you’ve seen from the hundreds of posts on Facebook already, many of those spots have already been reserved, so make sure to keep reading to find out how you can reserve your own spot before it’s too late.

Why The Metabolic Mastery Club Was Created…

Helps You Overcome Life’s
Biggest Metabolic Challenges…

  • Prevent the Fat from Rebounding Back On
  • Make Sure the Fat Loss Continues without Stopping
  • Continue to Improve Body Shape and Tone Muscle
  • Keep Your Health Gains from Disappearing Again
  • Ensuring the Aches and Pains Don’t Return EVER
  • Maintain HIGH Energy Levels
  • Integrating Exercise Appropriately
  • Safe Food Brands to Use for the Long Term
  • Maintaining the Fabulous Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Get Help with Special Situations in Your Life
  • Protects You from the Ravages of the Aging Process
  • Solidify Good Healthy Habits for Life So You NEVER Fall Back to Where You Were AGAIN!!!!

After we conducted the beta test for New You in 22, it became glaringly obvious that people wanted more beyond those 22 days.

They wanted us to be there for them, to help them burn even more fat, to build even more energy… sharpen thinking even more.

Plus, we got inundated with question like what foods to eat, what brands to buy, how to integrate exercise, what to do if fat loss stalled, emotional eating issues, hormonal issues, food allergy challenges and more.

Those first 22 days really get people addicted to that extra energy, the extra mental clarity, the feeling of being fresh, alert and happy every day after a sound night’s worth of sleep… put simply, everyone wanted MORE.

That’s the type of addiction we want to feed, because that good addiction, if fed with the right stuff, can become a habit.

And turning those actions you did in those first 22 days into
solidified day-to-day habits is PRECISELY what transforms
someone’s metabolism for good.

Bad habits are what force you to be sick, fat, old, tired and depressed.

But good habits keep you healthy, lean, young, full of energy and happy!!!

That’s why we created the Metabolic Master Club so you can take that short term progress and not just solidify it for life, but take it to the next level.

What’s Included In The Metabolic Mastery Club…

Here’s exactly what you’ll enjoy with your
membership to the Metabolic Mastery Club:

Live Q&A Call-ins with Dr. Jonny Himself…

Just a Sampling of Some
of the Topics We’ll Cover…

  • How to Eat Out Healthy
  • Making Cooking Easy
  • Breaking Fat Loss Plateaus
  • Food Shopping Tips
  • Managing Food Allergies
  • Breaking Sugar Addictions
  • Busting The Low Fat Myth
  • Changing Habits For Good
  • Dealing with Family
  • Emotional Eating
  • Making Time for Exercise

First up is a live call-in with me once a month!!!

That’s right, you’ll be able to join a live call with me where for the first 10-15 minutes, I’ll drill in into specific roadblocks that may be getting in the way of you reaching your full metabolic potential.

I’ll also focus on issues that will prevent you from losing your metabolic upgrade that you worked so hard to attain.

I’ll be talking about things like healthy cooking tips, smashing through plateaus, the best metabolism-boosting superfoods to eat, what supplements to take that actually work, how to battle cravings, the best fat burning exercises to do and more.

After those first 10-15 minutes, I’ll then open up the call, LIVE, yes, folks, it’ll be me, actually LIVE, and you can talk to me personally and ask anything that’s on your mind and I’ll do my best to answer it as thoroughly as possible.

This is incredibly helpful as we’ve seen on our Facebook group because odds are if someone is asking the question, you probably have it too.

So even if you just listen in, you’ll be sure to learn something about your body, your health, your brain, and your metabolism that can take your fat loss to the next level.

And in terms of those specific metabolic issues I’ll be diving into in the first 10-15 minutes? Well,
we’ve got a bunch of fantastic stuff in store like:

  • Craving Crushers — Some of you still struggle with cravings that aren’t hunger-driven, but are instead habit-driven. Those habit-driven cravings can be VERY difficult to conquer, but I’ll teach you a scientifically-validated method that can help you crush those remaining cravings in no time flat.
  • Smashing Through Fat Loss Plateaus — Let’s say you’ve hit a fat loss plateau and just can’t get the scale to budge no matter what you’ve tried? Well, I’ll teach you how to use cutting edge techniques like intermittent fasting to help kick your fat loss into a higher gear.
  • Cooking Hacks — Even if you are already a good cook, my bet is that you still don’t like how long it takes and how much work is involved. So we’ve develop a bunch of nifty tricks and tips use can use in the kitchen to help make your meals even faster, even tastier, while minimizing the hassle factor.

These calls are LOADS of fun and you’ll learn quickly what it’s taken me decades to discover — I can’t wait to talk to you directly on these calls.

Interviews With the World’s Foremost Metabolic Experts…

Here are Some Topics We’ll Be Covering In-Depth

  • Hormone Balancing
  • Brain Optimization
  • Anti-aging
  • Detoxifying
  • Stress Reduction
  • Belly Fat Reduction
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Metabolic Exercise
  • Habit Change
  • Pain Elimination
  • Lifting Energy
  • Boosting Mood

Ok, next up are our expert metabolic training calls, which you’re gonna love.

This is where I open up my personal Rolodex of the world’s foremost experts in all things metabolism and health and get them to spill the beans on exactly what’s working RIGHT NOW.

It’s taken me literally decades to develop this network of brilliant metabolic thinkers and health practitioners… these are the people that I learn from and so I am thrilled to be making them available to you.

Most of these experts charge hundreds of dollars an hour for personal one-on-one consulting as a client or a patient — and that’s even if they are available in the first place as most have a waiting list of 6 months or more just to see them.

But they’ve graciously agreed to take time out of their day to let me pick their brain and deliver that powerful advice to you at a fraction of the cost.

Listen folks — you are inundated with mixed messages from the nightly news, newspapers, blogs and other places that totally have wildly outdated or just plain WRONG information that totally confuse things.

And that’s why having access to a network of metabolic experts who make sense of all of this madness and help you hold on to your health gains and fat loss is SO important.

Here’s just an example of what we have in store:

First up is a fantastic interview with Dr. Susanne Bennett — a world re-known expert on how sneaky, hidden food allergies can make you fat, sick, depressed and tired.

Most of you know by now how food allergies can wreck your metabolism, but may have a bunch more questions on exactly how to pinpoint the offending foods AND how to remove them from your eating habits effectively.

We’ll cover that plus a whole bunch more, including:

  • The #1 food that makes you age quickly and wrinkle like a prune…
  • The sneaky foods that make your muffin top or beer belly so hard to get rid of…
  • The WORST foods that destroy your gut and trigger widespread inflammation…
  • The #1 reason your belly bloats within minutes of a meal…
  • The culprit behind brain fog, twitchy muscles, irritability, acid reflux and bloating…

This is really a fantastic interview and will really help those of you who have struggled with unexplained symptoms or who have tried everything to burn fat and failed.

Second, there’s the interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried, who seems to be EVERYWHERE these days.

She’s a brilliant, Harvard-trained MD and best-selling author who specializes in hormones problems, not just for women, but also for men.

Dr. Gottfried has helped over 10,000 people and is one of the country’s leading experts on the profound effects that hormones have on weight.

If you feel like you’re stuck-in-the-mud because you’re exercising and eating right and the scale never moves, then your hormones may be out of whack and this call couldn’t come at a better time.

Here’s just a smidgen of what’s covered on this call:

  • 3 hormones that terrorize women’s waist lines (and the 2 that sabotage men)…
  • The #1 hormone that eats muscle, destroys metabolism and packs on belly fat…
  • Why it’s so much harder for women to burn fat than men…
  • Why your thyroid problems may NOT be the result of a defective thyroid…
  • How that daily drink of wine to relax may be boosting estrogen and making you fat…

And that’s just for starters as future topics include how to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, what to do if you have chronic yeast or candida, how to optimize your thyroid, what to do if toxins are blocking your fat loss, how to remove your addiction from sugar and more!

This one feature is by itself worth the entire cost of your monthly membership… but we are just getting started.

What’s really cool is that in a moment I’ll show you how you can get access to these monthly metabolism mastering interviews for the rest of your life at NO cost.

On-The-Go Metabolic Training Videos

Some of the Goodies I’ll Be Sharing with You…

  • World's Healthiest Nuts
  • Best Cooking Oils to Use
  • Worst Fruits to Avoid
  • Money Savings Tips
  • Healthy Dessert Ideas
  • Quick Breakfast Options
  • Sneaky Kitchen Tricks
  • Staying Motivated
  • Handling Difficult People

Next up is something really fun!

The key to taking your metabolism and health to the next level, keeping the fat off and enjoying deeper sleep, bursting energy and a fantastic mood is to learn ONE new metabolic tip EACH week so you are consistently making progress.

And trust me, there’s a LOT to learn to keep your metabolism in tip top shape for life.

For example…

  • Do you feel like a deer in the headlights when you shop?
  • Wondering which foods to eat and which foods to avoid?
  • Confused about which protein powder you should choose?
  • Want to know how you can eat organic even if you live on a tight budget?
  • Scared to buy foods that may have hidden allergens that wreak havoc on your metabolism?
  • Keep getting tricked by so-called "health foods" that really are bad foods in disguise?

Well, that’s EXACTLY why we developed our On-the-Go Metabolic Training videos.

Each week I am going to share a quick video designed to teach you one NEW way to improve your health and master your metabolism.

For example, I’ll bring you into my kitchen and show you how to get things setup, take you to the store and show you how to shop, I’ll teach you how to relax, get more sleep, get motivated and most importantly, how to ENJOY life more.

You see, we’ve been watching the Facebook threads very closely and we’ve seen the questions you’ve asked and that’s why we’re going to hand deliver these videos every Saturday to train you how to live healthy and maximize your metabolic fat-burning, life-extending potential.

We couldn’t do this several years ago, but with today’s technology, we can — this is SO exciting.

Mouth-Watering Metabolic Recipes

Ok, this next feature… is… well… tasty!

You know the number 1 problem with eating? Getting in a food rut!

What’s a food rut?

It’s when you eat the same thing over and over, you eventually get bored and then you go back to eating those bad metabolism-destroying foods that seem to add inches to your waist just by LOOKING at them!

So the key to keeping your metabolism humming and staying in great shape is ensuring you have enough VARIETY in your foods to keep your taste buds guessing… and YOU interested.

That’s why every month we’re going to release new scrumptious recipes you can make for yourself OR serve to your family, but WITHOUT getting the evil eye.

Not only are we gonna tackle scrumptious entrees based on healthy proteins such as beef, chicken, fish and pork, but we’ll also tackle some of the things that we know are THE most frustrating.

For example:

  • Canola-Free Mayonnaise — Seriously, have you FOUND a store-bought mayo that does NOT have canola or safflower oil in it? Those vegetable oils are loaded with unhealthy polyunsaturated fats that can destroy your metabolism, damage your heart and trigger massive inflammation.
  • Healthy Ketchup — Almost every brand I find is loaded with sugar, or worse, high fructose corn syrup. And those organic sugar-free options? Well, they taste just downright nasty.
  • Clean Ranch Dressing — How about a tasty ranch dressing that’s NOT based on the metabolically damaging soybean oil or NOT just totally laced with chemicals or loaded with sugar? I haven’t seen one ANYWHERE.
  • Blood Sugar-Friendly, Delicious Desserts — Ahhhh, and the best for last — how about mouth-watering desserts that are actually HEALTHY, keep your blood sugar in check, but also taste fantastic? Those are tough to find.

That’s why we’ll get our chefs in the Sherpa Kitchen working over-time to develop all sorts of easy-to-make, delicious recipes that keep your metabolism humming and your taste buds constantly entertained.

This is another area where we’ll listen to the requests that you submit, rank them by popularity and then we’ll get to work on the recipes, testing, tweaking and refining them until they are both super easy to make AND unbelievably delicious and of course healthy.

Wow, I personally can’t wait for this one, especially that darn mayo recipe!

How to Secure Your Spot Today AND Save Over 70%…

Ok, that’s what we’ve got so far, you’re gonna love it, but rest assured, we’ll be making this a living, breathing, interactive experience and adding many more features over time.

We are so thrilled now to be opening the doors to the Metabolic Mastery Club.

There’s nothing like this offered anywhere else — it’s like getting an integrated doctor, nutritionist, health coach and personal chef all rolled up into one, but at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, if you hired a health coach, that would be $250 a month. Add $100 a month for a nutritionist consult and another $100 for a personal chef and you are talking nearly $500 to get access to this type of information.

But $500 is not practical — we know that — so we initially thought we’d offer a membership into the Metabolic Mastery Club for only $285 a month, which is already a HUGE discount from what it’s worth.

That Was Too Expensive, So We Decided to Do This…

But even $285 a month we know is cost-prohibitive for many people, even when taking into account how much money the average person would save on expensive medications, surgeries and other medical bills that were no long necessary.

So even though it’s extremely expensive for the entire team here at The Sherpa to produce, maintain and
manage something as powerful as the Metabolic Mastery Club, we decided to put our own skin in the game
and do something a little crazy — I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before.

The monthly investment will be ONLY $77, which is how much a monthly membership costs to any health gym worth its salt.

Secure your membership in this club by choosing your preferred option below and you’ll be given immediate access to the special members-only area where you’ll find all of the initial goodies we’ve loaded.

So that’s it — only $77 bucks, less than the cost of most people’s mobile phone or internet and TV bills — but worth 10 thousand times more given how much better your energy, mood, sleep, pain and fat loss will be.

And that doesn’t even take into account how much money you’ll save on reduced medical bills, doctors visits, prescription drugs… not to mention the improved productivity, focus and energy you’ll have at work.

But MOST importantly the things it’ll enable you to do are priceless:

  • spending more quality fun time with your family…
  • travelling to places you haven’t been before…
  • playing with your grandkids…
  • excelling in your career…

…and achieving ALL of those things your bad health and sluggish metabolism may have blocked you from achieving before.

How to Get a FREE Lifetime Membership…
Never Pay a Penny Again!

Back to the crazy part that I haven’t seen anyone do anywhere…

Stay a paying member to the Metabolic Mastery Club for 6 months and you’ll get a FREE VIP lifetime membership and NEVER have to pay a penny again!

No additional charges, no recurring billing, nothing — just stay a paying member for 6 months and enjoy unbelievably powerful metabolic advice and strategies that will empower you to achieve your ideal weight, body shape and health goals… and you’ll get a free VIP membership for LIFE.

No restrictions, full access to everything we produce for this program for as long as we run it — something we plan on doing for years to come.

I’ve never seen anybody offer anything like this before so I am thrilled that we've been able to do this for you. We are taking a HUGE risk in offering something as powerful as this, but we know it’ll be worth it.

Just choose your preferred ordering option below, complete the secure order form and you’ll make sure you don’t lose your spot in the Metabolic Mastery Club.

URGENT: Be One of the First 200 to Use This Coupon
Below and Get Another $10 Off Your First Month…

Also, because I want to make this as affordable for you as possible, I’ve been able to convince the good folks at The Sherpa to offer $10 off for the first 200 people who use the discount coupon you see below.

As you’ve probably already seen, over 400 people have already publicly said on Facebook that they were going to join, so check next to the button below and see if the $10 discount code is still there.

If it is, make sure you grab your discounted membership spot straight away — just choose your preferred ordering option below, enter in the discount code in the secure order form on the next page and you’ll instantly get $10 off your purchase.

Remember, there are only 200 of these discount coupons available, so make sure you grab yours now by choosing your preferred ordering option below.

Also, if you want to save even more money, prepay for the full VIP Lifetime Membership upfront and you’ll get a full month for free.

At $77 a month, normally that would be $462 you’d pay over 6 months, but if you prepay today for the full VIP Lifetime Membership, you’ll get one of those months free and pay only $385.

Plus you can STILL use the $10 off coupon (if it’s still available) to save even more…

Choose Your Preferred Ordering Option and Apply
Your Discount Coupon (If Still Available)…

Option #1:
Monthly Pay

$285 $77 per month

After 6 months, Earn a
FREE Lifetime VIP Membership…

… and NEVER be billed again!!!

Click Here For Monthly Pay

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Most Popular

Option #2:
One-Time Pay

$462 $385 one time

Immediately secures your
FREE Lifetime VIP Membership…

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You Won’t Find These Metabolism-Boosting,
Age-Slowing, Energy-Rocketing
Benefits ANYWHERE Else…

So, just to re-cap everything you’ll get monthly in this exclusive Metabolic Mastery Club:

Live Q&A Calls

First there’s the twice-monthly LIVE call-ins with me where I’ll drill down into specific issues that may be holding you back from reaching your full metabolic potential as well as answer your questions directly, live on the call.

Expert Interviews

Then there’s the one-of-a-kind expert metabolic training calls with the world's foremost metabolic and health experts like Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Daniel Amen and more. We’ll tackle difficult subjects like optimizing your hormones, getting rid of toxins, conquering candida, reversing diabetes, healing heart disease, zapping belly fat and more.

On-the-Go Videos

And of course don’t forget my weekly 5-minute On-the-Go videos where I’ll take you into my house, my kitchen and my life and show you exactly how I do things — how I stay trim, fit, happy and healthy, while also giving you quick tidbits of easily digestible metabolic advice to keep your fat loss and health gain going.

Bonus Recipes

Lastly, there’s the absolutely delicious recipes we’ll be sharing that will keep your metabolism humming at top speed. Never get into a food rut again as we share tantalizing concoction we’ve cooked up in The Sherpa Kitchen, all super-easy, super-tasty and super-quick to make.

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A Personal Note from Me to You…

Finally, I wanted to share something personal with you that’s VERY near and dear to my heart.

You see, If my whole career were JUST about teaching anorexic models how to lose five pounds or training VAIN celebrities to get ready for their next photo shoot, I wouldn’t be all THAT fired up about getting out of bed in the morning.

Fat loss — this challenging, often FRUSTRATING journey to transform our bodies and our health — is really about something MUCH more than just losing weight.

What it’s REALLY about is MASTERY…

Mastery of your health, mastery of your body, mastery of your metabolism and ULTIMATELY… mastery of your LIFE.

It’s not JUST about fat loss and better health… it’s actually about personal POWER.

See, for many people, the body is the final frontier. It’s the arena where even very successful people often have the biggest challenges.

But when you break through the barrier and see that you can actually reshape and reform your body, you start to see all kinds of places where you could go further, accomplish more, and break through all kinds of barriers you never thought you’d break through.

Weight loss is just the beginning. It’s the entry point for Mastery.

Ultimately, the program becomes not just about fat loss, but about reclaiming CONTROL of your life, MASTERING challenges, and being STRONGER than you thought you could EVER be.

It’s about BREAKING barriers you NEVER thought you could break and ultimately about being the very BEST you can be in EVERY area of your life.

It’s about surrounding yourself with loving people who SUPPORT you, who are there for you, who have the knowledge to guide you through the inevitable ups and downs that life will throw at you.

One of the most touching testimonials I ever got was this: "I came to your program just for the weight loss. But I stayed because it changed my life."

That’s what I WANT for YOU. And that’s what I know, DEEP in my heart and soul, is possible.

It’s ALL within your reach, just a mouse click away, so choose your preferred ordering option below, grab your $10 discount coupon if it’s still available and take the first step toward mastering your metabolism—and mastering your life!

Option #1:
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$285 $77 per month

After 6 months, Earn a
FREE Lifetime VIP Membership…

… and NEVER be billed again!!!

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