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Vigorous Exercise Linked to Good Sleep

People who exercise have reported a good night’s sleep almost every night compared to non-exercisers who have sleeping problems such as waking up during the night and difficulty in falling asleep almost every night. Likewise, vigorous exercisers have a two-fold likelihood of better sleep than non-exercisers.  Moreover, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle might have a negative impact on the quality of sleep. A sample of 1,000 adults was used in the 2013 Sleep in America® annual poll with ages ranging from 23 to 60 years old using the 2010 U.S. census data.  The participants were grouped into four categories […]

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Kids Who Eat Breakfast Have Higher IQ

New research shows that eating breakfast does not only provide children with energy they need to start the day, but also supports brain health. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing researcher, Jianghong-Liu, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate professor and lead author of the study, examined data of more than 1,200 six-year old children who participated in the China Jintan Child Cohort Study and found that those who ate breakfast regularly had higher verbal, performance and total IQ scores than kids who did not always eat breakfast. They concluded, that after adjusting for other confounding factors such as sex and socioeconomic status, […]

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Recent findings have linked sedentary activities such as television viewing and low leisure-time physical activity at age 16 to metabolic syndrome (such as obesity, hypertension, low HDL cholesterol level and high triglyceride level) at age 43. Patrik Wennberg, PhD and colleagues from Umea University in Sweden recently published their findings online in Diabetes Care. The study involved 888 participants who were assessed by self-completed questionnaires. The presence of metabolic syndrome was determined using the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) criteria, where the circumference of the waist for women is 80 cm and above and 94 cm or greater for men (indicating […]

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Exercise Reduces Risk for Osteoporosis in Teenagers

Teenagers, especially girls, who are studying or hooked to the internet most of the time lead sedentary lives and are at an increased for bone mineral loss (osteoporosis). However, experts from the University of Exeter have found that engaging in high-intensity sports that involve the active use of their feet, can help reduce this risk. Dr Luis Gracia Marco, who led the research, states that sedentary behaviors have an impact on bone health especially during adolescence when there is a critical period of bone development. Their findings strongly suggest the need for exercise to avoid any health problems. Their study […]

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Get More Physical Doing Housework

Various activities, including housework and leisure activities have been found to be associated with an increase in lifespan. Although it is well known that physical activity confers more health benefits compared to being sedentary, scientists have found that certain activities may be more beneficial than others in reducing mortality risk. Scientists in Copenhagen recently published a study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, which involved more than 5,000 adult recreational cyclists who were followed for about 18 years. The volunteers were asked to report the time and intensity of activity they spent riding their bikes, and the investigators tracked […]

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