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Huperzine A: A Natural Fix for Alzheimer’s?

The quest for new, natural approaches has taken herbalists to the corners of the earth in search of plant-based treatments for disease. As it turns out, one such remedy may have been under their feet the whole time. Found deep within in the shady forests of the Far East, this plant has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. And now, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that it may help improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. So just what is this powerful plant-based product?

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L-theanine: A Better Alternative to Coffee?

Here in the West, most of us don’t feel fully awake without a trip to the coffee machine or our local Starbucks. Millions of people rely on a cup – or five ­– of Joe to feel awake, alert, and stimulated all day long.  Others prefer to get their oomph in a can, downing energy drinks such as Red Bull like they’re water. But there may be an even better way to get your buzz. In fact, there’s an intriguing substance found in the leaves of a simple plant – one that promises a gentle energy boost, combined with feeling […]

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Vinpocetine: Can This Flower Improve Your Memory?

Forget-me-nots symbolize remembrance in myths and legends.  But in the scientific realm, another purple flower seems to best protect the brain. And that’s no fiction. Proponents say this common garden border can enhance memory, increase blood flow, and even protect nerve cells against damaging strokes. Some doctors like it, too.  In fact, a synthetic derivative of the plant is prescribed in Europe for these very purposes. But you don’t need to travel overseas to get your hands on the product.  It’s sold here in the United States as a dietary supplement. So does it live up to the hype? Incoming […]

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Braaaaiiins! It’s a refrain heard in many horror films, as hungry zombies seek sustenance in the form of this organ. But maybe those movie monsters were on to something. See, our brains are rich in a powerful substance that not only helps us survive.  It could also protect our memory. In other words, healthy brains beget healthy brains. Fortunately, you don’t need to follow a zombie’s diet to enjoy these benefits – this compound is readily available in your health-food store.

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Perhaps more than any other herb, this one sure seems like it’s got something for everyone. Just take a look at the claims: more energy, improved memory, lower blood sugar and cholesterol – even better sex and protection against the common cold. I’m talking about ginseng. And with two varieties of this herb – American and Asian – you should get double the benefits, right? Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. While both types of ginseng do show some promise for some of these concerns, […]

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