There are no miracle cure-alls, silver bullets, or magic pills that will get you trim, fit and healthy, but after an exhaustive search and rigorous testing, The Sherpa has pinpointed a few natural health therapies that DO help and ferreted out the scams to may be shocked by what we've discovered.

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Would you eat a dog biscuit just because your pup enjoys Milk Bones? It’s a ridiculous question, to be sure. Yet one supplement combination has become a popular treatment for people in part based on its success in treating canine health. See, these two supplements appear to help ease the pain of arthritis in dogs and other animals.  Veterinarians have been recommending them for years. Some studies suggest they may have similar benefits for humans – a fact that’s made this combination one of the top-selling supplements in the United States. But is what’s good for Fido really what’s best […]

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Foods Recommended for Arthritis

Millions of people worldwide suffer from osteoarthritis, a chronic condition that affects the joints, causing pain, swelling and inflammation, resulting in a decline in productivity and quality of life. Although many believe that osteoarthritis results from gradual degeneration of the cartilages between overused joints, symptoms  may actually be due to chronic low-grade inflammation. This was revealed in a study published in Nature by investigators at Stanford School of Medicine. William Robinson, MD, PhD, the study’s senior author states that arthritis may not just be a simple case of wear-and-tear, but may be linked to an attack by the immune system, […]

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Herbal Treatments for Postmenopausal Symptoms

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life that is associated with estrogen deficiency and an increase in genitourinary symptoms (sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and frequent urinary tract infections), hot flushes, joint pains, and disturbances in sleep and mood. Among these symptoms, hot flushes are one of the most common, affecting approximately two-thirds of postmenopausal women, 20% of which may be affected for up to 15 years. Long term health issues such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease may also result from estrogen deficiency. Pharmacological agents such as hormone replacements are commonly used to treat postmenopausal symptoms, but […]

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