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There’s a remarkable story I want to tell you. Amid the ashes of the horrific World War II bombing of Hiroshima stood a lush, green tree, unmarred by the blast. In fact, it continued to spring the same healing leaves that had been revered by the Chinese for more than five centuries.1,2 Now that’s resilient! Even more impressive? Today, scientists are learning that this tree, the world’s oldest living species, may hold the answers to Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and other age-related woes. There’s no doubt about it. Ginkgo biloba is a survivor. And a growing body of research suggests […]

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Omega 3:Is Your Fish Oil Poisoning You?

You’ve been told to take it for everything from heart and brain health to supple skin and eye disorders. Heck, you even take it to ease sore joints and ease both depression and anxiety. You hear terms like ALA, EPA, and DHA, as well as three versus six versus nine. And, if you are really in tune, you may even read about mercury toxicity, proper ratios, and environmental sustainability. In fact, you take this must-have supplement daily, maybe even several times a day. But, what exactly are you taking? Are you choking down toxins, taking a product made from a […]

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As the story goes, three wise men brought gifts from their homeland to present to a newborn child that was to be king (I am talking about Jesus here folks). The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The gold makes sense. It would have been highly revered (heck, it still is!) and seen as an enormous gift fit for a king. Similarly, at that time, myrrh was a rare, highly prized perfume and incense that was thought to be equal in value to gold. But the last one, the frankincense, is where it REALLY gets interesting… Not only was it […]

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For thousands, if not millions, of years, salmon and krill and lobster have swum together in the ocean of life. As they float and frolic, each reveling in their resplendent hue of orange, they are blissfully unaware that the answer to inflammation, heart disease, and even eye health lies deep within their tissues. If you think you’ve heard this story before—that you know all about omega-3 fatty acids—think again.  Omega-3s are so yesterday.  We are talking about is a super-nutrient that been found to be one of the most potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories around. Incoming search terms:astaxanthin side effects (1353)astaxanthin […]

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We all know that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, but few people know that his “wayward” trip also resulted in the discovery of something with amazing healing powers. It all starts with a beef the Europeans had with the Arabs at the time. See, the Arabs had this amazing spice that they were keeping from the Europeans. For centuries, all of Europe had to go without black pepper to season their food, as the Arabs would not share their source. So, as Columbus made his inadvertent way to America, he vowed to bring back this black pepper for all Europeans to […]

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