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“Eat a balanced diet and there’s little need for supplements.” It’s a refrain we hear a lot, whether from doctors, dieticians, or even our mothers. And in many cases, it’s true. Why waste your money on pricey vitamins when you can easily get them from food? Well, when it comes to vitamin B12, supplements not only aren’ta waste of money – they’re a crucial part of optimal health for many people. See, not everyone can get enough B12 from diet alone. If you don’t eat animal products – the richest source of this vitamin – you could be missing out. […]

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You are sitting in traffic, inching along on your way home from work.  You’ve already put in two hours of overtime and still have a long list of “to dos” for when you get home….you can already feel the agitation coursing throughout your veins. Then your cell phone rings and it’s your spouse telling you that the pipes just burst and the plumber cannot get there until tomorrow morning.  To add insult to injury, the next car over just cut you off. Your heart starts racing, your head starts throbbing, and your blood pressure shoots through the roof.  To make […]

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While many studies have shown that certain physical and mental conditions can cause insomnia, subsequent studies have also demonstrated that insomnia can lead to a wide range of physical and mental disorders including obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and memory problems. To this mounting evidence, new research shows that sleep problems can increase one’s risk for having a stroke or a heart attack. Dr. Chien-Yi Hsu at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital led a team of researchers to analyze a nationwide heath database involving 2 million people. After excluding participants with sleep apnea, depression, seizure disorder, anxiety, and substance abuse, […]

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Optimize Heart Health to Live Longer

Many people develop various types of chronic diseases as they grow older, and among them cardiovascular disease is a common cause for premature death. A new Northwestern Medicine study however, shows that people who have optimum cardiovascular health during their middle age are more likely to live longer that people who possess risk factors related to heart health. The results of the study, which were reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) show that participants who had good cardiac health lived 14 years longer , disease-free, than their peers who had at least two risk factors. John […]

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