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Food Safety at Home is Important

A new study reveals that about half of food poisoning incidences are attributable to fruits and vegetables while contaminated poultry have mostly resulted to death.  As such, Americans are encouraged to practice safe food-handling procedures as protection against foodborne illnesses. While the use of hand sanitizers may help in reducing the spread of germs, washing of hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water is still the best and foremost thing to do to stay healthy and to avoid noroviruses, according to Rachel Begun, registered dietician. Begun offers the following advice on food safety: For fruits and vegetables, be […]

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Eat Fruits for a Happier Life

Recent research shows that eating fruits regularly is not only good for physical health, but may also have an impact one’s mental well-being. The investigation involved the analysis of day-to-day emotions vs food consumption among young adults. The study showed that eating a total serving of around seven to eight fruits and vegetables a day predicted a positive change in mood the following day. The study, which was conducted by Dr Tamlin Conner, Dr Caroline Horwath and Bonnie White of the Department of Human Nutrition of Otago, was published in the British Journal of Health and Psychology. The study involved […]

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Healthy Snacks Mean Fewer Calories for Children

Researchers at Cornell University found that children are more likely to consume fewer calories if they eat nutrient-dense snacks, such as vegetables and cheese, compared to less nutritious snacks like potato chips. Brian Wansink, PhD, and fellow researchers recently published their study in Pediatrics, showing that children who ate vegetables for snacks needed fewer calories to achieve satiety than those who ate potato chips. In the study, 201 children were randomly assigned to take one of four different snacks while watching TV: vegetables only, cheese only, potato chips only, or a combination snack of vegetables and cheese. The children were […]

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Getting More Familiar with the Quince

Quinces are bright-yellow fruits related to apple and pears, but are hardly known among Americans. These aromatic fruits appear in the markets just when apples and other popular fruits are going out of season, and consumers are just getting know them, especially those who are adventurous in the kitchen. That is because quinces are inedible when uncooked but becomes fruity, spicy, and tender after boiling, poaching or stewing. They release a floral aroma and develops a rosy hue after cooking. Its tropical flavor is a combination of guava, pineapple, apple, and pear, and is a rich source of vitamin C, […]

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Fruits and vegetables are known to contain high amounts of flavonoids, compounds which have been found to have antioxidant (cancer-fighting) properties. Recent research shows that these compounds may help women (but not men) reduce their risk for stomach cancer. Few studies have focused on the role of flavonoids in preventing stomach cancer, the 4th most common, and the 2nd most deadly type of malignancy. Researchers at the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Spain led by Raul Zamora-Ros used data from an on-going research which followed about 500,000 adults in 10 countries in Europe for about 11 years. These men and […]

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