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Dr. Jade Teta

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Burn Fat Even Faster
Simply by Drinking This
Tasty Treat Each Day...

Everyone knows that nutrition pays a CRUCIAL role in burning fat effectively. But what you eat in the 30-60 minutes after a Metabolic Aftershock™ workout can have an especially HUGE impact.

That's when your metabolism is primed – ready to absorb the fuel needed to burn off fat and tone soft, saggy muscle for the next 24 - 48 hours. I want to make sure you do NOT miss this window of opportunity.

More importantly, I want to help you avoid the #1 mistake with their post-workout nutrition where people eat precisely the wrong foods that totally shut DOWN fat burning.

Believe it or not, there's a creamy, delicious milkshake that I recommend everyone drink immediately following a workout that can provide precisely the fat-burning fuel your metabolism is starving for.

It contains one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet – and when you drink it at specific times during the day, it can do absolute wonders for controlling hunger, burning fat and toning muscle.

The Fat-Loss Superfood That Can Slim Your Body, Improve Your Health and Change Your Life...

What is this fat-foiling superfood? It's protein. But not just ANY protein: A very special type, as I'll explain in a second. You may never have thought of protein as “superfood.” But just look at the incredible benefits this special type of protein delivers, and you'll see exactly why it's so super:

Fuels Fat Burning - It provides your cellular fat burning furnaces with the amino acids they need to turn fat into energy. Without enough amino acids, fat burning can be cut by up to 95%, forcing your body to store excess fat in all the wrong places.

Controls Appetite and Cravings - It keeps you relaxed
and in a good mood by increasing production of the feel-
good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine.
And what
do you want to do when you don’t feel good or are
stressed? That’s right: You want to EAT.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar - It also helps balance
your blood sugar, which keeps your appetite in check.
When blood sugar is not in balance, watch out!
That can make you hungry AND angry and send you
on a fat-packing rampage!

This is why getting enough of the RIGHT kind of protein (and
getting it at the right TIME, which you'll learn about shortly) is
so absolutely critical if you're serious about fat loss. But what is
the RIGHT kind of protein?

Warning:Not All Protein is Created Equal...

But protein is protein, right? WRONG! Only certain kinds of protein provide the full range of amino acids necessary to fuel your fat-burning mitochondria for maximum fat loss.

Plant-based proteins don't deliver the full spectrum of fat-burning amino acids or they cause other problems. For example, soy can inhibit your thyroid -- your body’s fat-burning regulator!

Fortunately, whey protein provides the full spectrum of amino acids needed to trigger maximum fat loss. But it HAS to be high-quality whey, or your fat loss efforts may be compromised. Here’s why:

First, whey is only as good as the cows it comes from. If the cows are fed an unnatural diet of fattening, genetically-modified grains and injected with synthetic hormones and antibiotics, that’s what you’re putting into YOUR body -- and it can muck up your metabolism.

Second, most whey is heavily processed. This damages the delicate amino acids, robbing the whey of its most potent fat-burning, appetite-controlling properties.

Third, most companies use cheap forms of whey to save a few bucks. But these inferior forms -- like isolate and hydrolyzed -- are stripped of the age-fighting antioxidants and immune-boosting molecules that make whey so special.

Unfortunately, finding a high-quality whey protein that avoids these pitfalls can be next to impossible, so I decided to do something about that.

I asked our chief formulator, Dr. Dean Raffelock – to create a delicious, convenient drink chock full of the highest-quality fat-burning whey protein available anywhere in the world.

Introducing Metabolic Fuel PLUS™:The Delicious Shake That Burns Fat,
Controls Appetite and Reduces Cravings...

Dr. Dean Raffelock formulated Metabolic Fuel PLUS™ as as a delicious way for people who want to lose fat fast to get the cleanest, most potent, most digestible form of whey protein possible.

It’s designed to work hand-in-hand with Metabolic Aftershock™ to both help speed your workout recovery while fueling your metabolism to burn up fat around the clock.

What’s more, by helping to control hunger and reduce cravings, it can help you lose fat even faster.

And, in a moment, I’ll show you the specific time of day to drink it to absolutely maximize your fat burning.

Ingredient Panel

Only the Highest Quality and Potency
for Maximum Fat Burning Effect...

  • Grass-Fed Cows - This whey comes only from cows fed their natural diet of fresh grass year round on the lush pastures of Australia. NO synthetic hormones, NO antibiotics, NO GMOs -- EVER!
  • Highest Potency - Only whey protein concentrate is used for maximum potency. This unique form retains all the age-fighting compounds that protect and nourish your cellular furnaces to help them operate at peak fat-burning capacity.
  • Minimal Processing - We use a proprietary filtration and drying method that minimizes processing to protect the delicate amino acids that fuel fat burning so they retain their maximum fat burning potency.
  • Fast-Acting and Easily Digestible - It's loaded with special enzymes to ease digestion and speed assimilation of the wealth of nutrients it contains. It even has a special enzyme to help those who have problems digesting lactose.

This would be more than enough to make Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM a “must-have” for anyone really serious about losing that excess fat. But it contains -- and can do -- even more…

BONUS Fat-Burning Ingredient #1:
A Powerful Cellular Energizer...

Your cellular fat-burning furnaces – the mitochondria -- are VERY sensitive and easily damaged by toxins.

Damaged mitochondria are the fastest way to bring your fat-burning to a complete stop -- and make you tired and depressed.

So you want to do EVERYTHING you can to protect them.

That's why I infused Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM with protective electrolytes: magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and fulvic acid.

They help energize your cells and create an intelligent "force field" around your sensitive mitochondria. This protective barrier helps escort nutrients into the mitochondria -- nutrients they need to work at peak efficiency.

And it helps keep OUT the dangerous toxins that bring fat-burning to a grinding halt!

BONUS Fat-Burning Ingredient #2:
Help for Your Joints and Skin...

As we age, daily wear and tear builds up and prevents us from moving -- and exercising -- the way we must to burn fat and stay healthy. A very vicious cycle sets in as you gain weight, move less, and then gain even more weight!

The Beauty Bonus

When you start taking Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM, don't be surprised if you see improvements in your skin, hair, and even nails. Because, MSM can trigger the production of collagen, which gives your skin its elasticity, and keratin, which strengthens and thickens hair and nails.

To keep you moving easily and burning fat, Dr. Raffelock included my favorite joint-regenerating compounds in Metabolic Fuel PLUS™:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Lubricates that vital cushioning between your joints -- actually making them more “shock absorbent” and helping you move more freely.
  • MSM - Breaks up destructive, pain-causing calcium deposits, improves joint and muscle flexibility, AND reduces swelling and pain.
  • D-Glucosamine Sulfate - Builds and protects connective tissue and cartilage, helping your body's structure, posture and alignment.

Together, these joint-supporting nutrients help
you move more freely, so you'll burn more fat
and keep the pounds and inches disappearing.

The BEST Time to Use Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM
for Maximum Fat-Burning...

What I want you to do with Metabolic Fuel PLUS™ is to take it within 30-60 minutes after your
Metabolic Aftershock workout (or any workout for that matter).

That way you can get your muscles the amino-acid fuel they need to recover, your joints the
regenerating compounds they need
to maximize how freely you move, and your cells the
electrolytes they need to keep you energized.

But I also want you to take it first thing in the morning
because it’ll help you control hunger and appetite
through the day, allowing you to make better food
This was recently confirmed by a study in the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:1

Those who ate a high-protein breakfast compared to
no breakfast at all had a nearly 40% drop in both
hunger AND cravings throughout the day.

Plus, they reported reduced late-night snacking!

That’s why I recommend everyone start their day with
a delicious smoothie infused with Metabolic Fuel

It's so darned quick and easy to make! Just add your
favorite liquid, some ice, blend it up and poof -- you've
a delicious, fat-burning breakfast that can keep your
hunger and cravings in check all day long.
when you are short on time in the mornings.

Create Your Own Gourmet Smoothies!
Order Today and Get this $37 Bonus Gift Free!

Personally, I LOVE the creamy vanilla taste of Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM all by itself. But it also serves as a delicious base to customize to what your taste buds crave, while adding other nutrients your body needs.

That's why when you order Metabolic Fuel PLUSTM today, I'll also send you a copy of 21 Delicious Fat Burning Smoothies, a $37 value, for free! It's packed with mouthwatering, easy-to-make recipes loaded with metabolism-enhancing ingredients your whole family will love, like:

Chocolate Almond Crunch - Chocolate and almonds blend
together for a creamy, rich breakfast shake that’s like eating a super-healthy “candy bar” for breakfast. Make it in under 5 minutes, and take it on the run.

Blueberry Pie - This shake smells like blueberry pie cooling on a window sill, but it delivers far more nutrition than any pie could. Get your appetite under control with fine rich almonds, good quality fats and plenty of filling protein.

Orange Creamsicle - The flavor of sweet and tangy orange and creamy vanilla will take you back to your childhood, minus the Popsicle® stick. Filled with healthy fiber, plenty of omega-3s and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

A Special Discount When You Order Today...

It would cost well over $100 to reproduce the high-quality ingredients in Metabolic Fuel PLUS™. That’s why a bottle is such a bargain at the normal price of just $77.

But when you order right now, you’ll get a bottle of Metabolic Fuel PLUS™ for you to test out risk-free for just $49 – that’s 36% off!

But don’t decide now – just give Metabolic Fuel PLUS™ a try! Because it comes with our industry-leading, no-nonsense, one-year, bottom-of-the-bottle guarantee. You must be 100% satisfied and thrilled with your results -- how great you look AND feel -- after using Metabolic Fuel PLUS™.

If not, even if it’s a full year from today, and even if you’re down to the very bottom of the last bottle, just call or send us an email and a full, no-questions-asked refund will be on its way to you immediately.

Urgent Notice:Supply is Limited, So Order Now...

We have only a very limited stock right now. That’s because at certain times it can be difficult to obtain whey made from cows that have been grassifed the ENTIRE year.

So to take advantage of this incredible price, and especially if you have a lot of fat to lose, I strongly recommend you consider a 3-, 6-, or 12-bottle package that can save you even MORE money.

But this unprecedented offer is ONLY available if you let me know you want it right now. And once this page goes away and your package of Metabolic FireTM goes out -- this offer is gone forever, so make your choice below... right now!

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