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Thick Drinks Can Make You Feel Full Says Research

Many people take thick or creamy drinks to replace eating solid foods in the hope of feeling satisfied and reducing calorie intake. For some it is a means of taking in fewer calories to lose weight, but previous studies have shown that common beverages like coffee, soda and other fluids do not suppress the appetite the same way as solid food with the same amount of calories.

Keri McCrickerd, a PhD student at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England, and colleagues found modifying the texture and creaminess of a fruit yogurt drink could increase a person’s expectations that the drink will suppress his hunger. They also observed that the thickness of the drink influenced their expectation of fullness more than that of a drink with creamier flavor. Their experiment also suggested that with the same amount of calories, a thick drink is more likely to make someone feel full longer than a thin drink.

McCrickerd explains that the amount of calories in food or drinks is not the only factor that makes it filling. Signals from the stomach as well as the mouth can also suggest how one feels full. The researchers theorized that creating drinks which can satisfy one’s hunger without increasing their calorie content could have an impact on weight loss.

To test this theory, the researchers asked 25 non-obese participants from a university to sample 8 versions of a fruit yogurt drink of varying thickness, creaminess and calorie content. Next, they asked the volunteers to rate the drinks by comparing them to the amount of pasta (with tomato sauce) they think the drink could replace for lunch. The results showed that thicker drinks rated higher in their perceived ability to bring fullness, while creaminess and calorie content were less significant.



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