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Selenium Reduces Risk of Advanced Prostate Cancer

New research shows that men who have high selenium levels may have a lower risk for developing advanced prostate cancer than those who have low levels of the mineral. Selenium is an essential mineral found in plants or vegetables grown in selenium-rich soil, Brazil nuts, meat and seafood.

Milan Geybels, author and a doctoral candidate in cancer epidemiology at Maastricht University, Netherlands, reports at the American Association of Cancer Research, found that men with the highest selenium levels had more than a 60% reduced risk for advanced prostate cancer.

Geybels’ team looked into the selenium levels of almost 60,000 men aged 55 to 69 at the beginning of the study by examining their toenail clippings. They explain that selenium levels measured from toenail clippings indicate long-term selenium intake. They found that men who had low selenium levels were more likely to develop advance prostate cancer after several years.

A previous study once showed that selenium did not prevent prostate cancer. However, the researchers note that the investigators of that study measured blood levels of selenium, which would indicate only recent intake of the mineral, compared to that found in toenail clippings.

The researchers warn however, that their findings are not meant to endorse the intake of selenium supplements, since it is a nutrient found in many foods. Furthermore, taking too much selenium can have toxic effects such as skin problems and an increased risk of diabetes.

The findings suggest a link between selenium levels and advanced prostate cancer risk but they do not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. More studies are needed to look into this association to establish any conclusion.


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