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High Protein Diet Boosts Success of Fertility Treatments

A small preliminary study involving women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) at one medical center showed that they are more likely to conceive when they ate a high protein diet with few carbohydrates. The study was presented at the recent annual meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in New Orleans.

In the study, Dr. Jeffrey Russell, director of the Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Newark, Del and his team asked 120 women to record their diets for three days before undergoing IVF. They used a computer software program to calculate the daily protein and carbohydrate consumption of the women.

The results showed that more than a third of the women obtained at least 25% of their daily calories from protein while the rest ate less protein-rich foods. Most of the women (67%) who ate more proteins became pregnant while only one-third of the women who ate more carbohydrates were able to conceive. Furthermore, the pregnancy rate of women who ate more proteins and few carbohydrates was highest at 80%.

Previous research shows that a well-balanced, healthy diet such as a Mediterranean diet supports fertility, in contrast to the standard Western diet. Dr. James Grifo, program director at the NYU Fertility Center in New York City (not involved in the study), states that women who are undergoing fertility treatments have to pay attention to their diets which is one thing they can control.

Kim Ross, a nutritionist at NYU Fertility Center, believes that the new findings emphasize the importance of healthy eating in women who are trying to conceive, which includes eating more “whole foods” and fewer processed foods.


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