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High Fiber Diet Reduces Prostate Cancer Progression

Prostate cancer occurs in similar rates among people in Asian and Western countries, but studies show that the disease tends to progress more among Westerners that Asians. Komal Raina, PhD, researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center reveals that for many years, scientists have been looking at genetic variations that could explain the difference in prostate cancer progression rates between different cultures.  Their study, which was recently published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, shows that dietary factors may play a significant role in this issue.

The study suggests that a high-fiber diet may have the potential to control the deterioration  of prostate cancer in patients diagnosed in early stages of the disease. This was their theory after they found that the tumors in laboratory mice who were fed with inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) did not grow compared to those of rats who were not given the IP6. IP6 is a major active component of high-fiber diets.

Raina explains that consumption of high-fiber diet was associated with significant reduction in tumor size due to its anti-angiogenic effects. IP6 prevented the prostate tumors from developing new blood vessels needed to supply their cells with energy. This deprived the tumor cells of energy for growth and slowed the rate of glucose metabolism. It is thought that IP6 reduces production of a protein called GLUT-4, which is important in transporting glucose.


University of Colorado Denver (2013, January 9). High fiber diet prevents prostate cancer progression, study shows. ScienceDaily.

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