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Losing Weight While Sleeping

Fad diets are usually controversial, with different experts on opposite ends citing their opinions on various weight loss strategies being promoted to the public. The newest diet plan is described in a book, The Overnight Diet: The Proven Plan for Fast, Permanent Weight Loss, written by Dr. Caroline Apovian, an expert in the medical field of managing obesity.  Her impressive credentials can encourage dieters to consider her strategy seriously, since she is no less than the director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center, as well as their director of Clinical Research at the Obesity […]

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Eating Nuts Can Lead to Weight Loss

Researchers from the Institut Universitari d’Investigacio en Atencio Primaria Jordi Gol in Tarragona, Spain report that supplementing a healthy, balanced diet with a few nuts does not result in weight gain, but could lead to weight loss and a reduction in waist size. The report, which was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that nuts may be safely added or used to substitute other foods in the diet that are high in unsaturated fats and fiber. Gemma Flores-Mateo and her colleagues note that previous studies have linked nut-supplemented diets to a lower risk of diabetes, high […]

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Increased Protein Intake Promotes Weight Loss

The amount of quality protein one needs to consume in order to lose weight is more than the amount one needs to maintain normal nitrogen balance, which is needed for body building. According to clinical nutritionist Byron Richards, the USFDA recommends consuming 50 grams of proteins (equivalent to 10% calories) daily based on a 2,000-calorie diet, but this does not take into account the role of protein in metabolism, especially during weight loss, stress, and exercise. Richards emphasizes that quality protein helps sustain muscle mass during weight loss, and improve fitness, immunity, and antioxidant function. It also aids in building […]

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Make ‘Eating Clean’ a Lifestyle

Many diets emphasize losing weight to promote health, but a concept which originated in the 1960s encourages people to eat healthier by avoiding processed foods. This concept of “clean eating” is not new, although its name may sound more contemporary. It is not about losing or gaining weight, but promoting health and encouraging people to become aware of what they are eating. There is no strict definition, but clean eating is all about consuming whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while avoiding processed foods and fast foods at all costs. The advantage of such a concept is that […]

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Large Servings Beat Impact of Mindful Eating

Many experts advocate mindful eating to promote eating fewer calories as they teach people how to choose healthy foods and how to control portion sizes. However, new research from the University of New South Wales shows that people who given large servings of food eat more than those who are given smaller servings, even after they have been educated on the effect of portion size on calorie consumption or trained on mindful eating. The study was recently published in the Journal of Health Psychology. Portion sizes in restaurants and at home have dramatically increased since the early 1970s, and are […]

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