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Many Diabetic Teens at Risk for Complications

Many young teens with type 1 diabetes are at an increased risk for cardiovascular and diabetes-related complications because they do not follow recommended nutritional guidelines for carbohydrate, fat, and fiber intake. Current recommendations for patients with type 1 diabetes suggest taking 50% to 55% of calories from carbohydrates, 15% to 20% from protein, 30% to 35% from fat, and less than 7% saturated fat. Randi Streisand, PhD, reported in a poster session at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Endocrine Society that in half of 257 children with type 1 diabetes they studied, the daily consumption of bad (LDL) cholesterol […]

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Preventive Healthcare for Teens Encouraged

A national survey shows that although American teenagers are concerned about their health in general, about two-thirds of these youngsters are not getting annual check-ups, thinking that they only need to visit a doctor’s office when they are sick. The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases recently conducted a national online survey of more than 500 adolescents aged 13 to 17 years, 500 parents of teenagers, as well as more than a thousand healthcare professionals involved in adolescent healthcare. The results showed that most teenagers (80%) believe that their choices today significantly affect their long-term health. The teenagers expressed belief that […]

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Serious TV Watching May Increase BMI in Teens

Previous studies suggest that the amount of screen time spent by teenagers is associated with body mass index (BMI, a measure of body fat). David Bickham, PhD, of Harvard in Boston, and colleagues report in a new study, however, that it may not be the amount of time spent that influences body weight, but rather, the attention they pay to TV watching that may be more significant. The results of the study, which was published in Pediatrics reveal that adolescents who paid the highest levels of attention to watching TV had more than 2 points higher BMIs than those who […]

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Risks of Combining Energy Drinks and Alcohol

The American Academy of Pediatrics reported in its journal, Pediatrics in Review, the possible danger the mixture of energy drink and alcohol could bring to adolescents. In an incident report last 2010, there were nine and twenty-three students who were admitted in the hospital in the states of Washington and New Jersey, respectively after intake of the mixed drinks. Young people are unaware of the effect of the mixture, as the impact of alcohol is faintly felt. Thus, there is a tendency for adolescents to drink more than what is necessary. Moreover, their motor skill and visual reaction are just […]

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Intervention to Reduce Binge Drinking in Teens

Researchers led by Patricia Conrod, PhD found that an intervention program targeting high-risk adolescent students can reduce binge drinking as well as drinking rates. The study showed that prevention programs that focus on teens with personality risk factors for mental health problems and addiction reduced substance abuse. Investigators conducted a randomized controlled trial, which involved training school staff in secondary schools in London boroughs to provide either a brief personality-targeted intervention or usual treatment to more than 2,600 students, whose average age was 13.7 years. Teachers, counselors, and other school staff were trained to provide interventions to students with high-risk […]

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