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Smoking in all public places has been banned in England since July 2007, and a study found that there has been a significant decline in emergency admissions due to asthma linked to the legislation. The prevalence of asthma in England is one of the highest in the world, affecting almost six percent of the population. The researchers based their findings on the number of emergency admissions for asthma among people aged 16 and above in England between April 1997 and December 2010. They found that 502,000 adults with asthma were admitted as emergencies during the study period,   with more admissions […]

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Smokers Who Quit May Gain Weight

A new study reveals that people who are able to stop smoking gain more weight and have an increased risk of developing IFG (impaired fasting glucose) and type-2 diabetes compared to those who did not stop smoking.  However, the findings should not be misinterpreted that one is better off if they continue to smoke, according to senior author James Stein, MD. He added, in spite of the gain in weight, the benefits of quitting smoking far outweigh the negative impact of weight gain such as the improvement of endothelial function and lipid levels. Dr. Stein and colleagues decided to investigate […]

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Preventing a Billion Deaths from Tobacco Use

An international gathering was recently held at Harvard University, which came out with key recommendations on preventing a projected billion deaths by the end of the 21st century due to tobacco smoking. Attendees of the gathering included public health officials and advocates from more than 40 countries as well as international organizations such as the European Union (EU), African Union (AU), World Trade Union (WTU) and WHO (World Health Organization). It was agreed that the United Nations and other development agencies worldwide should make tobacco control as part of their agendas. Trade treaty that includes tobacco should place health as […]

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Smoking Leads to Postmenopausal Tooth Loss

Scientists reveal that postmenopausal who have a history of heavy smoking are more likely to lose teeth due to periodontal disease than those who never smoked. Chronic inflammation of the gum tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontal or gum disease) has been linked to other chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. The recently published study was featured in the Journal of the American Dental Association and was done by researchers at the University at Buffalo. It involved more than 1,000 women who participated in the Buffalo OsteoPerio Study, as part of the Women’s Health Initiative, (WHI), the largest US […]

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Anti-Smoking Campaign in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who started a new six-year term in 2012 and who has promoted healthy lifestyles has recently signed a law that will ban smoking in most public places.  The law will also ban the sales of tobacco products at street kiosks and restrict advertisement relative to said products. The law also provides for the setting of minimum prices for cigarettes. Russia, which is considered to be the world’s second largest tobacco market after China, will start implementing smoke ban in subways and schools as well as prohibiting sale of cigarettes in street kiosks effective June 1, 2014.  […]

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