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Various factors such as family history, stress, and social influence have been linked to postpartum depression (PPD), but a new study suggests that nutritional factors may also have a role in the development of the disorder. Social risk factors such as a strained marital relationship, stress and low social support could lead to PPD, as well as a family history of depression or mood disorders. But beyond these, researchers are now suggesting that low levels of omega-3 fatty acids may moderately increase a mother’s risk of developing postpartum depression. A review of several studies was conducted by Gabriel Shapiro, MPH, […]

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Exercise Can Help Treat Psychiatric Disorders

Recent studies on the benefits of exercise in psychiatric disorders have prompted mental health experts to use physical activity as part of their treatment strategies. Dr. Douglas Noordsy  reported to the delegates attending Psych Congress 2012: US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress that the benefits of exercise go beyond maintaining physical well-being because more evidence demonstrate that there is a neurobiologic basis in using exercise to treat mental illness. Dr. Noordsy cited a study at the Duke University which showed that there was no significant difference between the benefits of aerobic exercise compared to sertraline, a drug used for major […]

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Many teenage girls (and boys) experience a lack of self-esteem and poor physical perception, leading them to increase stress levels which often manifest as psychosomatic symptoms. These symptoms often consist of perceptions of aches or pain in the head, neck, stomach, shoulder, or back, associated with persistent negative emotions or tiredness. Girls are more likely to experience this type of depression compared to boys, and have the tendency to internalize their problems, leading to feelings of poor health. Anna Duberg, RPT, of the Center for Health Care Sciences in Orebro, Sweden, and colleagues conducted a randomized trial to find out […]

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Exercise to Relieve Stress after a Heart Attack

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that people who have suffered from a heart attack are more likely to die within a couple of years if they lead a stressful life. Lead researcher Dr. Suzanne V. Arnold, of St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, says that it is not clear whether stress itself is the cause of early death, although reducing their stress levels can improve their quality of life as well as their heart health. This includes engaging in regular exercise such as walking, and joining a […]

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Breathing Better to Boost Health

Recent studies have shown that breathing exercises can help relieve stress as well as some medical problems. Among the medical conditions which can benefit from breath control, as shown by research are asthma, heartburn and panic attacks. But aside from these, studies have also shown that breathing exercises can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. An Indian study looked into the effects of rapid belly breathing (bellows) and found that doing three rounds of the exercise per day can improve heart rate and blood pressure as much as regular exercise or medications can. Another breathing technique involves paced breathing, where […]

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