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A systematic review of 33 controlled clinical trials shows that people may be able to lose weight, reduce their waist circumference, and lower their bad cholesterol levels just by choosing to eat low fat foods. This suggests that they do not even have to do any form of dieting to improve their health. The report comes in response to a need to update World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on total fat intake. The trials reviewed in the new study included more than 73,000 adults and children from Europe, North America and New Zealand, who had varying states of health. The […]

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Scientists at the University of Colorado have found that obesity and overeating may increase the risk for aggressive breast tumor growth in postmenopausal women. Paul S. MacLean, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine at the University, however, states that although this could not be shown in humans, their study, which involved the use of laboratory rats, mimicked the events that link premenopausal obesity to postmenopausal breast cancer. The authors report in Cancer Research (a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research) that obese postmenopauseal women have been found to have an increased risk breast cancer and had the tendency to […]

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Healthy Snacks Mean Fewer Calories for Children

Researchers at Cornell University found that children are more likely to consume fewer calories if they eat nutrient-dense snacks, such as vegetables and cheese, compared to less nutritious snacks like potato chips. Brian Wansink, PhD, and fellow researchers recently published their study in Pediatrics, showing that children who ate vegetables for snacks needed fewer calories to achieve satiety than those who ate potato chips. In the study, 201 children were randomly assigned to take one of four different snacks while watching TV: vegetables only, cheese only, potato chips only, or a combination snack of vegetables and cheese. The children were […]

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Brain Activity and Self-Control in Obese Children

Researchers from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center have found why obese children are probably more vulnerable to the effects of food advertisements compared to children of healthy weight. They have shown, through brain imaging techniques that brain responses of children may vary, with regards to seeing commercial food logos, and may influence their self-control towards eating. Food marketing has been regarded as an important factor which may contribute to the rising rates of childhood obesity. US companies spend billions of dollars marketing food products including beverages, and majority of those advertised on television […]

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Helping Kids Resist Food Temptations

Childhood obesity is a pandemic phenomenon which is leading parents, teachers, legislators, and health care workers to put together their efforts to put a stop to it. In Europe, researchers from nine countries have embarked on a project called TEMPEST to teach children strategies to control their unhealthy eating habits. Liliya Nureeva, a PhD student at Aarhus University, and one of the team members, explains that children and teenagers need to learn more about health and the tools they can use themselves to become more involved in taking charge of their health and determining their diets and eating habits. The […]

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