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A new study involving morbidly obese adolescents shows that vitamin D deficiency is significantly related to cardiometabolic risk factors, including insulin resistance. Previous studies in adults and young children have shown that obesity increases the risk for vitamin D deficiency, which in turn correlates to high blood pressure, increased insulin resistance, and diabetes. However, this association has not been previously found in adolescents. Marisa Censani, MD, of Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, and colleagues analyzed the laboratory measurements of 236 teens who being evaluated prior to bariatric surgery at their center between 2006 and 2011. Their mean […]

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Neighborhood a Factor in Childhood Obesity

Researchers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada identify a child’s neighborhood as one of the modifiable risk factors that can affect their likelihood of becoming obese. The study is part of a research collaboration called TARGetKids! (The Applied Research Group for Kids), which looks into the factors children have early in life that could later lead to health problems. Lead author Julia B. Morinis, MD, MSc, a pediatrician at Hospital for Sick Children, and colleagues enrolled about 4,000 healthy children ages 0-5 years and collected data on their physical measurements, nutrition, and physical activity. Details about area of residency, their neighborhood, population, […]

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Obese Young Men May not Reach Middle Age

A recently published study in journal BMJ Open reports that men who are obese at an early age have a great risk of developing serious illnesses by the time they are in their 50s, if they even live that long.  The study involved 6500 Danish men who had registered with the Military Board for a fitness test to evaluate their suitability for military service. The men were aged 22 years at the start of the study and were followed for 33 years until they were 55 years old. Most of the men were found to be of normal weight while […]

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Two new studies suggest that people who are overweight or obese and consume too much alcohol have a high risk of developing serious liver disease that could lead to death. The first study involved more than 107,000 women in the United Kingdom who were classified according to body mass index (BMI, a measure of body fat) and alcohol consumption. The results of the study, which were recently presented at the International Liver Congress in the Netherlands showed that women who were overweight or obese and drank more than six pints of beer or nine small glasses of wine weekly were […]

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Early Solid Food Intake in Infants

Pediatricians often encourage mothers to gradually introduce their babies to eating solid foods once they reach the age of four to six months. However, it has been found that many babies are started on solid foods even before this age, according to a recent study published in Pediatrics. Experts are concerned, because the early introduction to solid foods may make infants vulnerable to increased risk for chronic disease, such as obesity and diabetes. Heather B. Clayton, PhD, MPH, from the Epidemic Intelligence Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, and colleagues surveyed more than 1300 mothers who participated […]

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