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After a Stroke, Smoking Reduces Mental Abilities

Scientists have found another reason why people should quit smoking, especially after a stroke – they found that people who continue to smoke after having a stroke have reduced mental abilities involving memory, problem-solving and decision-making. Many people die prematurely from cardiovascular disease related to smoking. In Canada, about 37,000 people die yearly from smoking-related heart disease. The nicotine addiction also doubles the risk for stroke, increases the likelihood for blood clots, development of plaque in the arteries and reduction of oxygen in the blood. A study of stroke patients from Southern Ontario led by Gail MacKenzie, a clinical nurse […]

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After analyzing the results of several studies, University of Oxford researchers report that obese children and adolescents are at greater risk for heart disease than their normal-weight peers, posing a possible burden of disease on the population. The study which was recently published on looked into 63 studies conducted after 1990 that involved almost 50,000 healthy children between 5 and 15 years old. They identified overweight (with a body mass index or BMI of > 25) and obese (BMI greater than 30) children and compared the prevalence of known cardiovascular disease risk factors with normal-weight children (BMI of 25 […]

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Early Stroke Linked to Heavy Drinking

Researchers from the University of Lille Nord de France in Lille, France report that people who drink three or more alcoholic beverages daily may have an increased risk for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (brain bleed or stroke without apparent cause) at a relatively young age. Heavy alcohol drinking, they also found, can double the risk for death within two years after the stroke in these patients. For the study, the investigators examined 562 adults admitted for spontaneous intracerebral bleed at a university hospital in France. They underwent a CT scan upon admission. Patients who experienced head trauma, had a brain tumor […]

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