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Johns Hopkins researchers report that heart damage related to obesity in young mice may be reversed by consuming a low-calorie diet. However, a similar diet may not be as effective for older mice with poor heart function. Majd AlGhatrif, M.D., an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and first author of the study says that their study suggests that obesity-induced heart damage may become irreversible with age. Lili Barouch, M.D., senior author and a cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine, adds that although they could not say if their results would apply to humans, […]

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Volunteerism at a Young Age Benefits the Heart

University of British Columbia researchers find that volunteering at a young age can benefit the physical as well as mental health of adolescents. Hannah Schreier, then a doctoral student at the UBC’s Faculty of Education and Department of Psychology, states that social intervention to support members of the community improved the health of adolescents. The study was recently published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. For the study, the researchers divided 106 Grade 10 students from an urban Vancouver high school into two groups. One group volunteered one hour per week to work with elementary school children in after-school programs in […]

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Exercising for the Heart

People are often taught that one must engage in regular physical activity consisting of moderate to intense aerobic exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises to maintain a healthy heart. The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans further recommends that one must undertake about 150 minutes of exercise in a week, but suggests doing these in small chunks at a time for beginners. The American Council on Exercise warns, however, that people with heart disease who want to exercise must first obtain a doctor’s permission and follow certain health and safety measures in doing so. In a recent news release, the council advised […]

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Researchers who have been studying the Tsimane, an indigenous people of lowland Bolivia, found that the inexistence of chronic disease among the group is not attributable to physical activity alone but may be related to a healthy diet. Michael Guryen, professor of anthropology, led the study done by the researchers at UC Santa Barbara and University of New Mexico and their research was highlighted in an article published recently in the journal PLoS One. People assume that indigenous population like the Tsimane are very active physically. To ascertain this theory, the research team measured the PAL (physical activity level) of […]

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Lower Risk of Heart Disease for Vegetarians

A study shows that vegetarians have a lower risk of developing heart disease compared to meat-eaters. The lower risk may be attributable to lower blood pressure and cholesterol among the vegetarians. The findings were reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by the research team led by Francesca Crowe at the University of Oxford. The study tracked about 45,000 residents of England and Scotland in 1990 where they disclosed their diet, lifestyle and general health and one-third of the respondents followed a vegetarian diet exclusive of fish or meat. Over the next 11-12 years, 169 of the participants died […]

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