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Secondhand Smoke Poses Highest Heart Disease Risk

A new study provided additional evidence on the threat of secondhand smoke.  Researchers found that exposure to secondhand smoke was already an independent predictor of the prevalence of coronary artery plaque.  It was found that the risk of developing diseased arteries increases as the duration and degree of exposure increases. Harvey S. Hecht, MD and colleagues reported online in JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging that the overall prevalence of coronary artery plaque in those exposed to passive smoke was higher compared to the general public. Those with the highest amount of exposure have a 90% chance of having coronary plaque compared with […]

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Babies Exposed to Smoke with Lower Reading Scores

Mothers who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day during pregnancy may be putting their babies at a disadvantage by affecting their brain development. Scientists have found that kids of mothers who smoked heavily during pregnancy have lower reading scores that children who were not exposed to nicotine while in the womb. Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine report that children of smoking mothers struggled on tests which measured reading accuracy and comprehension. Lead author Dr. Jeffrey Gruen, professor of pediatrics and genetics at Yale School of Medicine, and colleagues used data from a large study known […]

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Secondhand Smoke Leads to Memory Problems

Recent research supports reports from the World Health Organization that people who are exposed to secondhand smoke can experience serious consequences on their health. This means that even people who have never smoked themselves can suffer from health problems if they inhale other people’s tobacco smoke. Dr. Tom Heffernan, a researcher at the Collaboration for Drug and Alcohol Research Group at Northumbria University, says that their findings suggest that secondhand smoke exposure is associated with deficits in mental function. The new British study found that people who live with or spend a lot of time with a smoker are at […]

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