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Scientists from Korea have discovered that compounds extracted from purple corn grown in Peru and Chile may be used to treat kidney problems related to diabetes. This corn variety is related to the blue corn found in the US, and has been reported to possess anti-diabetic properties. Researcher Min-Kyung Kang and colleagues from the Department of Food and Nutrition and Department of Biochemistry at Hallym University in Korea studied the effects of purple corn anthocyanins (or flavonoids, a type of antioxidant) using cultured human cells and mice in separate experiments. The results of the study which were recently published in […]

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Women Should Eat More of These Foods

According to health experts, women of all ages need essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and folate, which they can find in various types of foods. Nutritionists recommend steaming broccoli florets and drizzling them with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt. Broccoli is superior among all foods in fighting against cancer with its powerful phytonutrients. It contains indole-3-carbinol, which been shown to reduce the risk of breast and cervical cancers, and kaempferol, which has protects against ovarian cancer. Broccoli is a rich source of folate, a B vitamin important for supporting proper development […]

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Immunity Boosting Nutrients

Aside from thorough hand washing, health experts recommend including some nutrients in the diet that could boost one’s defenses against common viral infections and other conditions. For instance, chicken soup can make one feel better during a flu infection, not only because of the flavor, but it helps you keep hydrated. Aside from this, it helps you get rid of viruses and bacteria by aiding in raising the temperature of the airways and in the clearing of nasal secretions. Plant antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins from green tea may help kill influenza viruses. To maximize its benefits and flavor, steep […]

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Antioxidant Benefits from Acai Berries

A recently published study in Experimental Gerontology shows that acai berry prolongs the lifespan of fruit flies which are exposed to oxidative stress. Scientists at Emory University School of Medicine led by Alysia Vrailas-Mortimer, a postdoctoral fellow found that a simple sugar diet with acai supplementation could triple the fruit flies’ life spans, from eight to 24 days. Furthermore, they also found that acai also protected the flies against oxidative stress brought about by exposure to hydrogen peroxide or paraquat. Paraquat is a pesticide used to kill weeds and has toxic effects on nerve cells that resemble Parkinson’s disease. Paraquat […]

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Researchers at the University of Illinois evaluated the bioactive compounds found in wines made from blueberries and blackberries and found that these tasty beverages contain compounds that can help people with diabetes. Graduate student Michelle Johnson analyzed the nutritional value of 19 Illinois wines containing a blueberry-blackberry blend and discovered that these contain bioactive compounds that inhibit enzymes responsible for carbohydrate degradation and absorption. Elvira de Mejia, co-author and a professor of food chemistry and food toxicology, states that the scientists compared the effects of the active compound in inhibiting the enzymes with those of an anti-diabetes drug (Acarbose), and […]

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