Why is There A Charge on my Card?

Because You (Or a Family Member) Purchased
One of More of Our Products Below…

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Metabolic Aftershock by Dr. Jade Teta

A state-of-the-art exercise program designed by world-renowned exercise physiologist Dr. Jade Teta to reprogram your metabolism in as little as 9 weeks.

Metabolic Mastery Club

Price: $77/month for 6 months; after 6 months free lifetime membership

Our exclusive monthly metabolic membership program puts you in direct contact with the top experts in health and fitness to help you keep the fat off and your revitalized health on for good.

The Metabolic Factor

This program is designed to provide you a step-by-step system that will shift you from a sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism in ONLY 22 days. Get ready to burn more fat than you thought possible.

Metabolic Fire

Our research-based supplement to support your fat loss journey. We worked with supplement expert Dean Raffelock, MD to formulate a top-quality product that combines seven of the best researched fat burning supplements in the world. It’s not a replacement for optimizing your nutrition and exercise, but it’s a powerful adjunct to any fat loss program.

Unleash Your Thin by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Our flagship nutrition program allows you to take a 6-week “deep dive” into how you eat and live to tease out all of the factors that are keeping you sick, fat tired, and depressed. This program has a special focus on food sensitivities.

Metabolic Meals for Life

Get all of the recipes you need to create an optimized fat-burning nutritional plan for life with this guide. 50+ recipes are included, each of which is designed to keep your fat-burning engines cranking.

10 Minute Meals Guide

Looking for fast, easy recipes you can make in as little as 10 minutes that will reprogram your metabolism and kick your fat-burning engine into high gear? This book is your solution.

Fat Loss Accelerator Kit by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Take your fat-burning to the next level with this series of 12 audio programs developed by Dr. Jonny Bowden to help you blast through any obstacle that stands in your way of having the body of your dreams. Learn how to eliminate cravings, manage difficult feelings around food and body image, discover Dr. Jonny’s personal plan for burning massive amounts of fat in 7 days, and more.

Bulletproof Your Mind

Is your mind holding you back from having the body of your dreams? Sometimes conscious or unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can stand in the way of your health and weight loss goals. No more. In this program hypnosis and fat loss expert Wendi Eckstein takes you on a relaxing journey that will allow you to bulletproof your mind once and for all.

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