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The Ten Worst Snack Foods


Posted Tuesday, Jun. 14th, 2011

The Ten Worst Snack Foods

Enter any convenience store in the United States and you’ll quickly spot an array of wrapped and bottled items masquerading as food.

And these junky snack foods are becoming more horrible every year.  And while there are hundreds I could rail against, 10 are particularly offensive.  I call them the “worst snack foods of all time.”

But be forewarned: This list could become outdated the minute the food industry introduces yet another must-have concoction that adds pounds to your waistline while stealing your health.

1.  French Fries

Who among us hasn’t been lured in by French fries, or even more specifically, by McDonald’s French fries?  We seem to play ostrich and stick our heads in the sand though when it comes to the lack of any redeeming qualities about French fries.

These golden sticks are nothing more than starchy white potatoes cooked in hot fat and flavored with chemicals, salt, and sugar.  Yep, sugar.  On potatoes.  And don’t forget the chemicals.

In the case of McDonald’s, their French fries’ ingredients include: potatoes, vegetable oil (in the fries…in addition to what they are cooked in!), citric acid, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and salt.  And don’t forget the dimethylpolysiloxane, which is added as an anti-foaming agent.  Yum!

Quite possibly the worst snack food on the planet.

2.  Donuts

Remember when we used to spell donuts “doughnuts?” Now that was truth in advertising.  After all, donuts are nothing more than sugary fried bread.

Yep, take some good, old, nutrition-free bleached white dough, add a crap load of sugar, and deep fry it.  And, if you want to get really inventive and up the stroke factor, squirt in a sugary, creamy or jelly filling and top with glaze or powdered sugar.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, add a sugary cream filling and a glaze of more sugar on top.  Any questions?

3.  Chips (Potato or Corn)

These are really just a packaged version of French fries.  Maybe with fewer ingredients, depending on the brand you buy.

However, you can do damage control on this one by switching to baked blue corn chips, available in most health food stores or organic grocery stores.  While it’s still not real food, it beats the 7-Eleven version.  Just keep in mind that corn chips, like potato chips, are still salty and starchy…not a great combo for your waistline or your health, so take it easy.

4.  Soda

Whether we discuss the caffeine, the sugar, the high fructose corn syrup, the carbonation, the caramel coloring, or the addictive traits, there is absolutely nothing good coming out of these bottles and cans.

There’s absolutely no redeeming health value of any kind…just a whole lot of chemicals.

And, yes, this does include the diet kind.  All the same issues, but now throw in those harmful artificial sweeteners.  Plus, the rumor that diet soda can stall weight loss just might be true.

5.  Cupcakes and Snack Cakes

You won’t be “Little Debbie” for very long eating this crap.  Regardless of brand, you’re looking at a bit of flour, a ton of sugar, some chemicals, and maybe a flavoring or two.

As for that creamy filling?  You’ve gotta be kidding.  To say its fake whipped cream is an understatement.  Be a real Hostess and skip the trip down this aisle.

6.  Candy Bars

Where do I even start?  About the only possible redeeming factor about some candy bars are the gram or two of protein from the nuts…and most don’t even offer this sad attempt at decency.

And, by the way, those “energy” or “protein” bars?  Candy bars with fancy labeling and a bit of enhancement.  Sure, they often have 1/3 fewer calories, quite a bit more protein, and a bit less fat, but don’t get it twisted.  They’re still a far cry from real food.

7.  Pork Rinds

Where do I start with this preferred and often-recommended snack of the low-carb crowd?  When you head to the label, the plain variety has just two ingredients: pork rinds and salt.  But what are pork rinds?

You know how the tough outer layer or peel of an orange or lemon is called the rind?  Ah, yea.  No difference.  Pork rinds are the tough, outer skin layer of pigs.

And, as if that weren’t awful enough, these rinds are coated with salt and put in a dehydrator for hours.  They are then cut into little pellets.

Not disgusted yet?  Keep reading.

These pellets are dropped into vats of cooking oil for about 60 seconds.  And voila!  You have puffy, Styrofoam-like snacks.

So, basically we’re talking about deep-fried pork skin.  Not a good thing!

8.  Fat-Free Cookies

Don’t be thrown off by the “fat-free” part.  Forget that most fat-free anything replaces the fat with sugar…these are still cookies!  They’re just sneaking around trying to pretend to be healthy.

Remember, fat-free doesn’t equal calorie free, or sugar-free for that matter.  So “snack well” and just say no.

9.  Crackers

Let’s see…you have your enriched flour, salt, and trans-fats.  Lots and lots of trans-fats in fact.  Most top cracker brands are loaded with ’em.

So be sure to read your labels carefully to find the few that aren’t.  You’ll want to look for things like hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil.

One way to avoid the trans-fat trap is to choose organic…and whole grain while you’re at it.

10.  Pretzels

Surprise, surprise.  Just because something doesn’t have fat doesn’t make it good.  This twisted mess of white flour, water, sugar, and salt is junk food in disguise.  Fuggedaboutit.

Runner Up: Coffee Drinks

Creamy, carmelly, coconutty coffee mocha-latté-frappé drinks are taking over the universe…and our waistlines!  Yet we seem to think that the calories we drink don’t count.  They do…just ask your scale.

Don’t get me wrong.   I love my Starbucks too, but even a grande (16 ounce) basic vanilla Frappaccino has 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, 62 grams of sugar, and 95 milligrams of caffeine.

Oh, and one gram of fiber…hurrah.

Whole is the Way to Go…

At the end of the day, there are no short cuts when it comes to health.  If it comes in a bag, box, or wrapper, it’s likely not going to pass the health test.  Ditto for anything you can pick up at the drive-through and with whipped topping.

Stick to whole, real foods and you’ll be a whole lot healthier…and happier and skinnier to boot!

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS
Also known as “The Rogue Nutritionist,” Bowden is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology; the best-selling author of twelve books including Unleash Your Thin, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Living L...[ read more ]

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  • Moishe

    As to ‘candy bars’ – please do not lump them all in one garbage bag. Some chocolate bars – made of real dark cocoa beans are actually healthy – eaten a bit a time, of course.

    • CocoTO

      that’s not a “candy” bar … that’s a chocolate bar … world of difference

    • Moishe,

      The “a bit at a time” is the key. For many (if not most) people, that’s not realistic. And many dark chocolate bars are still loaded with sugar. If it has more than 9 grams per serving, you’re doing more harm than good. (And keep in mind that most bars have more than one serving in them…so read the label carefully.)

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Jason

    I would make one exception to your inclusion of candy bars.  I eat organic dark chocolate bars (over 70% cacao), and one bar will last four days.  These are high in antioxidants, and healthy when eaten in moderation.

    • Jason,

      Just be sure to watch the sugar per serving. And congrats on your restraint. Many (if not most) people cannot make one bar last four days.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • Mike

      I agree with Jason.  I’ve weaned myself off most sugar but enjoy the occasional dark chocolate.  And it lasts me for several days.    I refer to it as a health supplement (along with the glass or two of red wine!) as it raises my serotonin levels!

  • Dianepriestley

    This is an excellent article, really a wake-up call, especially because my favourite snack foods are potato crisps, corn chips and crackers…oh dear, loaded with trans fats. How depressing! But good to know, so I can stop! Thank you.

    • Carey

      You can make your own chips by slicing potatoes very thin and cooking in olive or and seasoning. Also adding any spices you like.

      • Info4will0618

        This is interesting. Whts is your favorite delicious popato chip recipe??

        • Try sweet potatoes with olive oil and cinnamon. Delicious!

          Naturally yours,

          The Sherpa

          • Mike

            I agree. Or try with mixed herbs and sea salt sprinkled on before you bake them in a little oil.


    • Knowledge is always the key!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Shelj

    Excellent article

  • Lazlo56_2000

    Don’t forget how the boiled in oil potatoes leads to carcinogens…

  • Lazybird

    such as same you go to starbucks. Not very ethical….

  • maryanne

    Excellent article. Wish the grandchildren would listen to this advice or even their parents,  Maryanne

  • Sagekler

    Thanks for this post – I couldn’t agree more with your selections.  –  The waist lines just keep getting larger.

    S,. Gekler

  • Modreamer

    Isn’t this pretty much common sense.  I have been guilty in the past, but have repented for the most part.  Candy bars still want to jump in my cart, but just not as often.

  • mama

    All common sense. If we could cut this garbage out of society we wouldn’t have all these health issues. The people who produce this garbage are best friends with the pharmacutical companies. And then there are those who can’t so NO to their children and let them eat this junk.

  • Jdavispdq

    which do you like best persomally cardboard or sawdust?

    • There are amazing, delicious, healthy foods that are neither cardboard-y or sawdust-y. Stay tuned for the article!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • NEL

    To remind us of the junk food we shall avoid was GREAT.
    It could have been nice to follow that article with

  • Dfhnw

    95 milligrams of caffeine, not 95 grams.

    • You are correct! Thank you for pointing it out. It should be 95 MG, not grams.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Marge T. W.


  • Nancy

    Great article. I agree with all of it. Still, I have been guilty. I am changing my habits. I think we’d all find that we really wouldn’t miss these “foods” as much as we might expect. It’s just a matter of making the decision and then finding new enjoyment in healthier foods.  I gave up soda in 2004 when I was diagnosed with acid reflux. For the most part I haven’t missed it. I’m angry with the FDA and food industry. The FDA doesn’t care in the least about our health. What about the hormones, etc. in milk and dairy products, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, the way baby carrots are processed. I could go on and on.  It’s a challenge.      

    • Nancy,

      We agree! Check out Jonny other article on not trusting the government. We think you’ll like it!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • Mike

      Even with natural products it’s important to check the source.   Where was it grown/  How was it grown?  Does it have any GMO ingredients?  I know this is hard and many retailers can’t answer the questions, but find good sources if you can.  Most suppliers of supplements, for example, should be able to give you where the ingredients were sourced.    If you can, follow the rule – “If in doubt, leave it out.”

  • Fran

    What is wrong with carbonation?  I know high fructose syrup is bad, but carbonation?  I like the fizz and was thinking carbonated water with a twist of lemon is a good thing…

    • Fran,

      If you like the bubbles, try natural mineral water. No forced carbonation or chemicals added to produce the carbonation, but still gives you that “fizz” you are looking for.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Elizabeth Bird

    I gave up Snickers, my once-in-a-while treat, after receiving notice regarding the various companies that use “milk-like” ingredients from China.  Snickers, Starbucks, yup, Starbucks, Nestles, and a host of others. The safest thing I do is eat my own home-grown organic sprouts, sprouted using clean water.  Everything else has a question mark in my mind.

    • Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the information. Anything with -like at the end cannot be good!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • Jeffrey Vento

      Lizzbird – I would like to get into sprouts. Can you give me some advice? 
      I always love the shots of wheatgrass from the health food store in Westport CT always thought i should sprout my own. – jeff

  • Drkathleenn

    I don’t know who said it, but here are often repeated words of wisdom that I have done my very best to follow for the past 40 years:   “Shop the periphery of the store”  That’s where you find wholesome foods such as fresh produce, dairy, eggs,  (organic only for us) whole grain breads, etc. and meats/fish/poultry (organic only for us). “Don’t shop the inner isles” which is where the packaged, canned, boxed, or frozen garbage is located.  As for fast foods, YUK!. Coupled with toxic, chemical loaded, processed meats, chicken parts from the left overs refuse in meat/poultry processing plants, you have the stuff fried in canola oil which comes from rapeseed which is extremely toxic.  (There are 3 kinds of chemicals in McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets that are harmful to people, especially children). There are lots of articles online, like this, it is up to you to do the research.  If you are a busy person with little time to cook, prepare ahead like so many of the TV chefs on Food Network teach you, and then freeze the foods and reheat later. NOT in a microwave!.  On nights you are too worn out to cook, there is always salads with slices of chicken, beef, seafood or tuna with a dash of homemade salad dressing, sliced cooked eggs, and all sorts of amazing veggies. Fresh fruit is delectable and a wonderful replacement for sugary junk in boxes, bags and so forth. Recipes sites also offer an enormus amount of inspiration.  It takes time, but the health benefits are so incredibly worth it.

    • Dr. Kathleen,

      Ditto, ditto, and ditto! Thank you so much. And great advice about shopping the perimeter!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Betty Duke

    Praise thr Lord for your article.  It made me realize that all that junk food is not good for us.  I looked in my cabinet and found that the crackers were totally not good for us as a family and we were eating them like crazy and pretzels too. that stuff is going out of our house permanatly. I would like for my family and myself. to have a healthy lifestyle. we’re starting with the junk food and french fries.

    • Betty,

      Good for you! We are glad you found the article useful!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • PigSkinLover

    Why would you say that pork skin is bad and “awful”? 
    Just because your culture raised you like that?
    Do you realize that many cultures LOVE pig skin in all its shapes? You make them feel bad?
    Shame on you.
    Instead, tell us exactly what (except for the salt) make it an unhealthy food.
    What’s wrong with dehidrated stuff?
    What’s wrong with vats of oil, if little is left on the food, and (unlikely) but it could be olive oil… or any trans-fat-free oil.

  • Dean Gates


  • redfox60

     i read this article after eating some pork rinds which i thought was a better alternative to pretzels or potato chips so you can imagine how i felt.  But i don’t eat the snacks listed  on a daily basis, just on my cheat day

    • No junk food is your best bet. Trading one product for another is irrelevant. Junk food is junk food. You are better off with fruits, veggies, or even an organic hard-boiled egg as a snack.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Norsewarriorking

     Hmm, I  agree, especially with number 7. Making pork rinds is a waste, the skin is better left on the animal and roasted.

  • Lizzbird1

    RE Drkathleenn’s excellent response:  More & more canola oil is being used, even in health food store products. Years ago,  I had heard about rapeseed not being a good choice.  Has everyone forgotten?

    • Nope, no canola. No corn oil, no soybean oil, no peanut oil.
       I use olive oil and coconut oil.  Both are excellent for everything, from cooking to skin care.

    • Egroups

      Todays canola is almost guaranteed to be GMO since Monsanto’s seeds have poluted the seed supply.

      Alfalfa is next to be destroyed by GMO seeds.

  • baconman

    so i can still eat bacon . . . thank God for creating pigs

    • Mike

      Bacon is basically smoked pork, but it’s the chemicals that are now put into it that are the problem.     Home-made honey-cured bacon is great – if you can get it.

  • Porkrindadditct

    I linked over from mens health on line where they say pork rinds are ok compared to other things…get your stories straight people.

    • The key is “compared to other things.”

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • Bouncedancer

      The day after I eat pork rinds, I am puffy around the eyes.  That stuff is toxic.

  • nancy

    you have to show us what to eat- instead?  no one knows, when you just say 
    stick to whole foods ?  is it only veggies and fruits?? what else is there??

    • Nancy,

      You cannot go wrong with REAL food…fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, proteins, and legumes.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • Miracana

      Forage fed beef, free run chickens, Bison(Buffalo) meat

  • Jp

    I absolutely love pretzels and make sure I eat them in small portions. I have never had a problem overeating them or eating them mindlessely becaus i am not real keen on salt.

    • JP,

      Just be careful with any processed food or food that comes out of a bag rather than the ground.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Marjorie Fertsch

    No more pretzels, no more coffee.  What am I going to do?  I know, eat celery with almond butter on it.

    • Marjorie,

      Instead of focusing on what you CANNOT have, focus on what you CAN! Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, proteins, amazing herbal teas, green tea.

      How about an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms topped with creamy avocado. Pair it with a steaming cup of chai tea and coconut milk and you have heaven on earth!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

      • Fyre_is

        Let’s see… thanks to diabetes (Type 1.5 – autoimmune/beta cell destruction of T1, insulin resistance of T2), gout, chronic kidney disease (stage 4), and several other diagnosis’, I can’t have many fruits, or nuts, have to watch my protein intake, limit salt, caffine, diary…  please PLEASE tell me what you suggest I eat?  I am getting sooo tired of salad every day twice a day and water/sugar-free drink mixes.  Suggestions, please!????

        • Maelle

          veg and lean meat like any healthy person.

          • Miracana

            lean meat from forage fed cattle is actually good for you

  • Laura9797

    As far as pretzels go, I love the Snyders Nibblers. Snyders of Hanover use whole wheat flour and there is less then 2 grams of sugar for approximately 16 nibblers.  Sometimes you just have to have a crunchy carb and this ‘organic’ version goes really well with a low fat string cheese.

    • Laura,

      Wheat and dairy are two of the most addictive foods, after sugar. Your “snack” is setting you up, as you likely unknowingly let on by your “have to have” statement.

      Try substituting celery or carrots for the pretzels if you need the “crunch.” And if you are looking for a creamy, healthy fat, dip the veggies in homemade guacamole. Simply mash half an avocado and blend with chopped tomatoes. Delicious!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Wlpsmile

    Love Johnny and his no nonsense approach to telling the truth of what it is that is making our country so fat and unhealthy.  He’s right on the money!

  • Euridice

    thank you for open our eyes to the obesity style life.

  • Bruce

    Coffee is OK, just drink regular with a dash of milk or sugar if you have to. Also, a Starbucks grande should read 95 milligrams of caffeine, not 95 grams.

    • Bruce,

      We still say nix the sugar. If you must have a sweetener, stevia is your best bet. They even make flavored varieties. And you are correct about the 95 mg…we will correct the error.

      Naturally yours,
      The Sherpa

  • Protax651

    Up to a couple of years ago, I was pigging out on the crap listed above and more.  Then the other shoe fell:  My good doctor told me that I was a diabetic; you talk about a shake-up of your life.  These things went where they belong; in the trash.  I was exercising at the time, but these bad “snacks” were taking control.  I have since lost about 70 pounds and are on the way to re-taking my health.  I’m glad that you made a list for people to see and read, because they are nothing but bad.

  • Mjbyma


  • THis is just another reminder of what NOT to eat…in case you are tempted!

  • Doug L Bullock

    You might be disgusted by the idea of eating pig skin, but they are the healthiest snack food on the market.  they are PURE SATURATED FAT.  Of course if you still believe the 60 year old LIE that saturated fat is bad for you then you will think I am nuts.  If your body doesn’t get enough saturated fat your cell walls get misshapen and weak and may rupture.  Saturated fat makes you feel full longer thus helping your control weight.  Pork skins, chicharones or whatever you call them are the healthiest snack food.  no white flour, no fructose, no chemicals, just good food

    • Lrupert2001

      Pork is the most unclean meat possiple. They are what they eat and they eat their own poop and other garbage. Think about it and you’ll really be disgusted. There are much healthier ways to get your needed fat. Try red meat or butter or best of all virgin coconut oil.

      • Mike

        I raised pigs for several years and never once saw them eat poop.  Admitedly, they usually were range-run and had plenty of grass to eat.  But even at night in their large pen they ate no rubbish.  And pigs always select a special  area in their pens as a toilet.   Managed well they are clean, friendly and intelligent.

        • Gildeng

          Miracana and Mike are correct.  Range raised pigs are very clean and healthy possessing the correct proportion between omega 3 and omega 6. Pigs raised in very clean battery cages and feed concentrates have an unhealthy saturated fats causing inflammation due to high levels of omega 6. The skin rind should be cooked using plain coconut oil, not hydrogenated coconut oil or other highly processed oils, such as corn oil, canola oil, etc.  Of course, we should always consider moderation in everything.

      • Miracana

        I grew up on a mixed farm and never ever saw a pig eat anything other than god wholesome food Grain, forage and they always knew when the food came. One thing they do is wallow in mud to protect themselves from the sun.

      • Ms.Chrissy

        Pigs are the cleanest and most intelligent animals.  A health department official once told me that it was pork from diseased countries that was an issue.  Pigs are too smart to eat their own poop.  I never had a pig eat it’s own feces.

    • Doug,

      While the skin itself may be fine, the oil certainly is not. Healthier junk food is still junk food and is best avoided. Better options include fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies, etc.

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • If you can’t pronounce what’s in it,  don’t eat it.  the rats that ate the box lived twice as long as the ones that ate the cereal.   Life only comes from life.   Eat foods with live enzymes,  vitamins and minerals.   Our habits are threads we weave every day.  they’re too weak to be felt until they’re too strong to be broken.   Choices have consequences.  

    • Allen,

      Amazing words of wisdom. Thank you!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

    • cindy

      What a wonderful thought you have about “threads”. Thank you

  • JoAnn

    It is so good to have someone who tells us the facts. keep up the good work.  JoAnn

  • Myra Brown

    I love this article and I am right with you 100%.  I am 72 and have been fighting the non food battle first with my kids, then my grandkids and all the young Navy personnel I care about.  Real food does not sit on grocery shelves for years.  there is no real food at any of the fast food joints.  You can be assured this article will be forwarded to all those people I love. 

    • Myra,

      Thanks for your words and your support in promoting real foods, especially to our military. We thank you!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Anonymous

    This is an eye-opener for someone like me who eats packaged foods. My friends around me do it too & I’m afraid they will become overweight. I’m the worst of the pack & I never realized how bad this was until doing research tonight, & came across this site. I must improve myself. Thank you for the article!

    • Devon,

      Improvement is a fantastic goal for everyone! Kudos to you!

      Naturally yours,

      The Sherpa

  • Amazing article.i think these dishes are great but normal person cant eat these things.

  • thank you for your informative post. Great!
    GOD  Bless 

  • jokers lady

    Three months ago I was blood-tested which showed I have many food sensitivities (not allergies). These sensitivities, little did I know, was the cause of my headaches, migraines 4x a month, fibromyalgia, depression (preventing my anti-dep meds from doing its job), adult acne, kidney problems, fatigue and other minor issues. My doctor detoxed me (5-wk step process). I started to eliminate all the problem foods, such as: all grains, (except for brown rice, arrowroot, and sparingly–oats), sugar & sugar substitutes (can only have Stevia & agave nectar), all diet drinks, melons (high glycemic), pre-pkgd/processed foods (some I can depending on what is on the label),  chocolate (can have carob), corn or corn products, xantham gum, coffee, white potato, milk & milk products.  As a result, I am feeling 80% better and have dropped 26 lbs. and still counting. It’s been a challenge, especially finding a bread recipe. I still need to lose another 35 lbs. but feel confident I’ll get there.  SO, I AGREE WITH YOUR ARTICLE 100%. 


    Yeah, the GOVERNMENT is actually “KILLING US OFF”!!!

  • Sorry, but on the Paleo diet – that is taking the REAL world by storm – we eat pork rinds as one of our only snacks.  That or beef jerky or pemmican.  People desperately need more fat!  Of course, the pork rinds should be deep fried in lard and NOT vegetable oils which are deadly. 

  • Bunhed

    Now how about a list of the BEST Snack foods. What should I eat instead of these bad snacks. 

    • Jan

      Nuts, fruits, seeds, veggies even honey and peanut butter (natural).  Toast some pumpkin seeds in olive oil.  Raw is better, of course.  Sardines in olive oil or water

  • Joyce

     Our society has come so far from ‘natural’ living. I grew up with the average American Diet. Chili, hamburgers, cheese sandwiches, white bread, etc. At 19, after many years of being sick all the time, my sister married a chiropractor. (a who?) being sick when I visited I was given his adjustment. Amazing experience. I felt a heat course through my body, I went home and slept36 hours and was completely cured! No fever, no cough, better!  I knew then there were other ways to get better than horrid pills that always made me feel worse.He taught me about nutrition and I changed my way of eating.
    When married I made my kids baby food, breast fed, read labels, made everything, whole grains etc. For about 30 years I went to a Dr. perhaps 3 times, once being a sprained ankle. I saw the results of sound nutrition in my life and while other children were always sick mine were not. A few times yes, but honey, tea and lemon, bed rest, no dairy and they improved.
    The above article mentions foods I never ate nor my kids. One as an adult went off my food ways for many years. Boy, has he paid a price. Diabetes 2, over weight, and other issues. A new lady in his life has pulled him around and in 2 years has slimmed down, looks better, but 20 years of eating what one craves and a period of alcohol will take a few more years to repair the damages.It horrifies me to see what people eat.
    Food IS one’s best medicine. Eat only what is as close to natural as possible. Eat less.It’s the greasy fried suff, the overload of sugar, the lack of COLOR in your diet, the preservatives, the worst culprits. We are all biochemically different. An excellent read is James D’Adamo’s book, 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. A good place to start.  Nothing written in stone but the search and journey to build a healthy body and mind rewarding.I am 75, no pills,  blood work good, but  some spine and neck issues. Many ups and downs as everyone, to have solid, healthy body and mind is needed to deal with  what we all have to in today’s world. Health IS wealth, without it nothing can be enjoyed.
    Here is a brief poem I have shared with my clients and students.( a course I developed for Adult Ed classes after my own recovery and learning.)

    There’s many a man in this land,
    Who thinks he’s wonderfully wise.
    He spends his health in gaining wealth
    until he nearly dies.

    And then with all his might and main,
    He spends his wealth
    In gaining health,
    And starts all over a-gain.

  • Pedelibero

    I’m really upset by this artcle. I think I’m going to have to seek comfort with a bag of fries and a coke.

  • Anita

    I was raised in an Eastern European family, my mother made a dish that included pig’s feet (for the gelatin). After she’d boiled the dish, she removed the feet, scraped off the skin and added it to the dish with the rest of the pork. I loved the pork skin then (it was boiled, not fried), and don’t see anything wrong with eating it. Do you eat chicken skin? What’s the difference? 

  • Sekoqo

    Whats with the ” this food contains chemicals” line. You do know that almost everything food related and Not food related can be called a chemical. For example Water is considered a chemical

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