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“Use This to Erase Unwanted Fat Even Faster…”
(Our Most Successful Customers Do This VERY Same Thing…)

Hey, it's Dr. Jade Teta - I just wanted to CONGRATULATE you on purchasing Metabolic AftershockTM -- I've got an important surprise for you below.

Right here on this page you’ve got the opportunity to speed UP your fat loss even MORE with the "secret weapon" my most successful customers use to gain a metabolic edge.

Don't get me wrong -- while Metabolic AftershockTM triggers a flood of fat-burning, muscle-shaping hormones with each and every 15-minute workout...

...this secret weapon will multiply, enhance and turbo-charge the fat loss, muscle toning and body shaping you'll enjoy while working out...AND long after.

It does this by unblocking, optimizing and accelerating the 3 primary steps involved in the fat burning process.

And that’s important because for many of you reading
this, some of these steps may be BLOCKED!!!

You’ll know if this is true for you if you’ve tried dieting 4 or more times only to be DISAPPOINTED time after time at the results.

Just 3 Simple Steps – Release, Transport and Burn!

Fat loss is actually NOT that complicated — it boils down to making sure all 3 of these steps are a) working and b) working together effectively:

  • 1. Fat Release — First, your body fat has to be released FROM your fat cells where it’s stored so it can be burned…
  • 2. Fat Transport — Second, that released body fat has to be transported efficiently in the blood TO those other places…
  • 3. Fat Burning — Third, your fat burning furnaces should be burning white hot so that fat can be turned INTO the energy…

But if one of these fat burning pathways is blocked…

…it doesn’t matter how MUCH you are exercising OR how LITTLE you are eating…your fat loss can slow to a crawl!

What My Most Successful Clients Use to
Get Their Fat Burning Engines Humming…

Fortunately, recent scientific breakthroughs have uncovered a group of safe, all-natural “metabolic enhancers” that can help UNBLOCK these fat burning pathways…

  • …helping you RELEASE fat that’s been LOCKED in your fat cells…
  • …helping you TRANSPORT that fat DIRECTLY to where it needs to be burned…
  • …and finally, helping you BURN that fat by cranking UP your fat-burning furnace.

Now, for the first time ANYWHERE, I’m proud to say these metabolic enhancers have been combined into a single, safe and natural fat loss-accelerating nutritional supplement.

A one-of-a-kind blend of powerful ingredients designed to work WITH Metabolic AftershockTM by "unlocking" stubborn fat, releasing it from fat cells and transporting it to your muscle cells to be burned.

This metabolic boost happens both during AND long after your workouts -- helping you VISIBLY burn fat FASTER.

Introducing: Metabolic Fire™…

…a revolutionary doctor-designed, fat burning enhancer that helps upgrade your metabolism and burn fat easier and far more visibly than Metabolic Aftershock™ can by itself.

It’s not sold in stores or on TV, you can’t get it on the internet anywhere (not even Amazon) — in fact, it’s ONLY available right now, on this page.

It works by strengthening, optimizing, upgrading and UNBLOCKING your 3 fat burning pathways…

…FIRING UP your metabolism and enabling it to simply, quickly and easily release unwanted fat, with a nice energy boost as a bonus.

What’s interesting is the MORE unwanted fat you want to say goodbye to, the BETTER it works.

Why? Because unwanted fat accumulation is the #1 sign that one or more of your fat burning pathways is in fact BLOCKED.

And It’s Specifically Designed for Safety…

When our expert doctor set out to formulate Metabolic Fire™, we gave him 3 requirements regarding safety that were non-negotiable:

#1 NO Dangerous Stimulants

Absolutely NO dangerous stimulants would be allowed like caffeine, ephedra or guarana. Unfortunately these are often included in those dangerous weight loss pills you see advertised on TV or the internet. They leave you feeling jittery with high blood pressure, an elevated heart rate AND damaged adrenal and thyroid glands.

#2 NO Unnatural Appetite Suppressants

Absolutely NO synthetic “franken-chemicals” could be used to unnaturally suppress appetite. Sure they MAY work initially, but they only rob your body of the nutrition it needs for peak performance. No room for that in this formula.

#3 NO Questionable Suppliers

Absolutely NO ingredients were allowed that could only be sourced from far away countries whose regulatory standards — if they even exist! — are lacking. ALL ingredients had to be sourced safely, in the purest form available, with NO toxic by-products or heavy metals added in.

Unfortunately, nearly ALL other supplements that CLAIM to aid in weight loss violate each of these 3 requirements… shame on them!!!

So as you can see, safety was our #1 priority, but we didn’t stop there…

We Scoured the Planet for THE Best, Most Experienced,
Most Trustworthy Formulator We Could Find…

Dr. Dean Raffelock

– Retired Quadruple Board Certified Doctor

– 10,000+ Patients Over 37yr Career

– 4,500 Hours of Medical Training

To be frank, we almost gave up our search until we stumbled on to Dr. Dean Raffelock.

Dr. Raffelock was a quadruple board-certified integrative clinician with over 4,500 hours of training, who recently retired in 2013 after treating over 10,000 patients in 37 years of practice.

That’s the BIG difference with Dr. Raffelock — MOST formulators are stuck in a LAB, dealing with vials and statistics, thousands of miles away from REAL people.

But not Dr. Raffelock — he deals with cold, hard data from the REAL world, by inspecting the results of expensive but INCREDIBLY detailed lab tests and COMBING that with a thorough physical exam — both done before AND after his treatments — that allow him to pinpoint PRECISELY what works and what doesn’t.

This gives Dr. Raffelock a HUGE advantage over those scientists stuck in a lab, who just simply don’t have in-person access to this same data.

So we gave him a mission: Design the ultimate fat burning supplement. One that’s based on science… produces REAL, measurable results… quickly… and is natural, safe AND affordable.

A pretty tall order, but Dr. Raffelock rolled up his sleeves and toiled for 6 months testing, tweaking and refining.

And after 17 different formulations he finally struck gold, delivering the ultimate fat loss-accelerating blend found ONLY in Metabolic Fire™.

Introducing the ‘Magnificent Seven’
Fat Loss Enhancers…

After sifting through over 100 different fat loss enhancing ingredients, Dr. Raffelock narrowed it down to the MAGNIFICENT seven.

These 7 “fat loss enablers” not only target, strengthen and “power-up” a different part of your fat burning machinery, they also work synergistically TOGETHER to create a formula MORE powerful than just the sum of the parts.

Let’s take a look at what’s included inside each capsule:

Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin): Used for centuries by ancient Asian and Indian cultures and cited in over 5,000 studies, this helps to unleash stored fat that’s locked in fat cells, which is step 1 of the fat burning process.

In fact, one study not only showed an 11% DECREASE in body fat %, but also a 6% INCREASE in lean muscle massii — that means better muscle shape and tone as a nice bonus!

Chromium Picolinate: This gives your existing insulin a turbo boost, so you need LESS insulin to do its job. Less insulin means less fat is LOCKED in fat cells and less fat is made by your liver.

One clinical study showed fasting insulin decreased by 32.1% in people who had high fasting insulin levels to begin with (precisely the kind of folks who have tremendous trouble burning fat!) i

Cinnamon: Tastes great on apple pie but this sweet spice also helps support healthy blood sugar levels, which is key to lowering insulin, your #1 fat-making, fat-storing hormone.

In fact, one study in 2003 showed that just ONE GRAM of cinnamon a day helps to maintain healthy blood sugar, triglyceride, LDL and total cholesterol levels!iii

Irvingia Gabonensis: This extract from African mango seeds lowers appetite naturally by increasing sensitivity to leptin – the “I’m full hormone”. The more sensitive you are to leptin, the lower your appetite.

Amazingly, one 30-day study showed Irvingia not only caused an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds, it helped to support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides to boot! And that’s WITHOUT any changes in diet or exercise!iv

Green Tea Extract: As we age, metabolism slows, causing 120-190 extra calories to be stored dailyv. Fortunately, special compounds found in green tea, called polyphenols, help ramp UP your metabolism — so you are burning MORE calories and fat.

We take things a step further by using a special super-absorbable form, which in one study generated 30 pounds of weight loss in 90 days — more than TRIPLE the amount lost by the control group.vi

Rhodiola Rosea: Found in the mountains of Siberia, this adaptogenic herb’s greatest ability is to reduce the stress-hormone cortisol. Cortisol triggers fat gain, particularly around your belly. If you are an emotional eater or have problems with binge eating, this could be the missing link.

One study with 130 participants showed an 11% reduction in body fat (19 pounds) vs. only 8 pounds by the control group.vii So minimize stress, minimize cortisol and minimize belly fat with this.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Although this one has been WAY over-hyped on TV and the internet, fact is, it really IS a powerful fat burning enabler, thanks to its special sugar-blocking abilities. It cuts down how much sugar you absorb from food AND how much sugar your liver creates. Less sugar means less insulin, means less FAT.

In a rigorous 22-week study, participants lost an average of 17.6 pounds and decreased body fat by 4.4 pounds.viii And that’s WITHOUT any changes to their diet or exercise.

Just an important note — while these 7 incredibly powerful fat loss enablers help accelerate your metabolic upgrade, you can’t expect to just take a pill and magically see the fat disappear.

You MUST combine it with the proper eating and exercise plans, which is exactly why Metabolic FireTM and Metabolic AftershockTM are a metabolic match made in heaven.

It Would Cost You An Arm and a Leg to Buy Each One of
These Powerful Fat Loss Enablers…but NOT Today…

Now, to buy each one of these ingredients cost a small FORTUNE — literally $200 - $300 or more for high potency, non-toxic, effective versions of each of these.

And that doesn’t even take into account how important it is to have the PRECISE form of each ingredient, with the OPTIMAL dosage, with the RIGHT synergistic effect of all 7 working together to enhance fat loss.

However, with Metabolic Fire™ we combine all 7 of these ingredients in their most EFFECTIVE forms and at the EXACT dosages proven to generate the biggest fat-loss effect — all for far LESS than it would cost individually.

When this formula is FINALLY opened up to the public (remember, you can’t get it ANYWHERE right now), it’ll be available for at least $97 for a 1-month supply.

But Today, and ONLY Today,
You Qualify for This Special Discount…

However, because you just invested in Metabolic AftershockTM, and because we want you to experience your metabolic upgrade as QUICKLY as possible, we can offer it to you today at a
special 30% discount — just $67 for a 1-month supply.

  • IMPORTANT: If you have more than 10 pounds of unwanted fat, you may want to consider securing more now, while they are in stock, which we’ve made easy with special discounted packs of 3-, 6- or 12-month’s supply.
  • WARNING: We have only a limited supply right now…and because it takes at least 3 weeks to re-stock, you may want to go for the 6 or 12 month package to ensure your metabolism stays running at top speed WITHOUT skipping a beat.

100% GUARANTEE APPLIES: If after you’ve ordered Metabolic Fire™ and taken it alongside your Metabolic Aftershock™ program and… for some odd reason… you’re not THRILLED with your metabolic upgrade, attractive new physique and enhanced energy levels, it’s not a problem. Just drop us a line for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

And don't forget that the BuySafe Guarantee applies to this as well, so that’s an extra layer of purchase protection you won’t get ANYWHERE else.

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