There are no miracle cure-alls, silver bullets, or magic pills that will get you trim, fit and healthy, but after an exhaustive search and rigorous testing, The Sherpa has pinpointed a few natural health therapies that DO help and ferreted out the scams to may be shocked by what we've discovered.

The Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning


Water is one of the fastest and cheapest methods of maintaining our total body health yet experts estimate that 75% of Americans are “chronically dehydrated” – a condition that is 100% preventable! Drinking water in the morning, first and foremost, sets a good habit for the rest of your day. When you first wake up, your body has been without hydration for all the hours you’ve been asleep. Providing necessary fluids immediately upon waking will jump start your body functions – circulation, respiration, brain function and digestion – all of which require the life-sustaining power of water.

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Eat THIS to Keep the Doctor Away


We’ve all heard the old adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And as much as that seemslike an old wives’ tale, there just might be some truth to this claim. See, apples ­– along with onions, berries, grains, and even red wine – are rich in a substance that may indeed keep the doctor away. Well, at least if you suffer from certain conditions. And while you may not want to eat a bushel of apples (or onions, for that matter) every day, you can find this substance in supplement form, too.

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America’s #1 Weight Loss Supplement?


If you watch TV, read magazines, or surf the Internet, you’ve probably seen advertisements for what manufacturers claim is “America’s #1 weight-loss supplement.” If something’s so popular, it has to be good, right? Well, not so fast. See, there’s some basic research to suggest that HydroxycutTM and other products containing the fruit-based substance hydroxycitrate may help block fat and suppress appetite. But there just isn’t a lot of good clinical evidence that it actually helps people lose weight. Plus, hydroxycitrate may promote liver damage – depending on whom you ask. So does this supplement make the cut?

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Ecklonia Cava: A Deep Sea Algae that Can Reverse Heart Disease?


When you think of antioxidant-rich foods, fruits and vegetables probably come to mind. But there’s another source of these healthful compounds – and it just may be the most powerful food of all. You won’t find this potential superfood in your garden, though. In fact, you won’t find it on land at all. That’s because this antioxidant powerhouse is a type of seaweed. Proponents say that, when taken in regularly, it can cure everything from heart disease, to obesity, to hair loss. But what is the science behind this super antioxidant of the sea?

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Nature’s Most Potent Stress Buster?


It sounds like something out of National Geographic: On a remote South Pacific island, villagers form a circle. Some members of the group chew small pieces of a root, spit them into a bowl, and then add coconut milk. After the brew has been strained, it’s poured into another bowl and passed around the circle, where villagers sip its contents. This sacred ceremony has taken place for thousands of years, a ritual that encourages relaxation and bonding. And now, research suggests that the stress-busting benefits of the mystical root involved in this ceremony may be as close as your supermarket’s […]

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Mangosteen: The Asian Superfruit that Snuffs Out Inflammation?


By now, the story sounds familiar… An exotic fruit, found mainly in Asia, used for centuries as a folk medicine is said to cure many modern ailments, and Westerners now have the opportunity to benefit from this so-called super fruit’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which purportedly do everything from reducing cancer risk and warding off cardiovascular disease, to easing arthritis and preventing acne. But – of course –this magical fruit is usually only sold in the form of juice, supplements, and other products pushed by multilevel marketers and other companies who may be more interested in making a quick […]

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Bromelain: A Natural Alternative to Aspirin and NSAIDs


Most everyone has experienced inflammation, whether because of an injury, surgery, or a chronic problem like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. And most of us reach for an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory – or a more potent prescription pain reliever – to treat it. The problem? Well, taking high amounts of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium can have a number of side effects. They may temporarily ease your pain, but they can also cause ulcers and other gastrointestinal woes. So, what if I told you that there’s a powerful alternative to such drugs? And it doesn’t come […]

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Glucomannan: Can Nature’s “Skinny Sponge” Soak up the Fat?


Imagine a plant-based product that can absorb more than 200 times its weight in water, forming a thick, glob of gel. Sound like something out of a science fiction film? Maybe. But this goo could have very real benefits for human health. Just think: That gel-like substance might very well help lower cholesterol and blood sugar, keep your digestive system running smoothly – and may even help you lose weight. No, this is no futuristic fiction. In fact, this fantastic remedy is as close as your local supermarket.

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White Kidney Bean Extract: Spilling the Beans on this Weight-Loss Supplement


To shed pounds, you need to eat less, right? Well, yes. But what if I told you that a possible solution to weight loss is actually found in a common food? In fact, you can find it in any supermarket. It seems totally counterintuitive. Yet if preliminary research is to be believed, this food-based supplement could help you slim down by decreasing the amount of carbohydrates your body absorbs. But is this product really effective – and safe?

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Echinacea: Crush the Common Cold with THIS


At first glance, this ornamental plant seems more suited to your garden than your medicine cabinet. It’s pretty pink and purple petals do make it a popular choice for home gardeners and landscapers alike. It’s probably the last thing you’d think of when trying to quell a cough, sneeze, or sore throat. This flower isn’t just for show, however. In fact, some studies suggest that it may be a real contender in our fight against the common cold. But is it really as effective as proponents would have you believe? And are the products on the market even reliable?

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