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Coffee Helps Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Researchers from the Lund University in Sweden found that breast cancer patients who are being treated with Tamoxifen are less to experience a recurrence of the disease with moderate to  high coffee consumption.  Maria Simonsson, doctoral student in Oncology at Lund University and colleagues report that breast cancer patients who take the drug and two or more cups of coffee daily had lower recurrence rates compared to patients who consumed one cup or less.

The investigators followed 634 breast cancer patients from southern Sweden for about five years. More than 300 patients took Tamoxifen. The drug is a common hormone therapy used after breast cancer surgery, which is believed to reduce the risk of developing new tumors by blocking estrogen receptors. However, the mechanism by which coffee modulates the response to hormone therapy is not clear. Simonsson states that one theory they are considering is that coffee ‘activates’ Tamoxifen and makes it more efficient.

The researchers have previously found that coffee consumption is linked to a decreased risk of developing certain types of breast cancer. Caffeine has also been shown to hinder the growth of cancer cells. They believe that their new observational study involving role of coffee in cancer prevention and treatment emphasizes the need for more research.

Helena Jernström, Associate Professor of Experimental Oncology at Lund University adds that more research is needed to find out how lifestyle interacts with breast cancer treatment.


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