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New Evidence on Resveratrol Benefits

New groundbreaking evidences on the benefits of resveratrol were recently presented by University of Leicester scientists at a major conference called Resveratrol 2012. The conference, which was attended by experts from many countries, featured new findings based on studies done in the last two years. This included evidence from more than ten clinical trials, which were conducted after the first international conference was held in Denmark in 2010. Resveratrol is a compound extracted from the skin of grapes, and is found in red wine. Its potential benefits have been studied for some time now, mostly on laboratory animals, but its […]

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Moderate Coffee Intake Reduces Risk of Diabetes

There is growing evidence on the benefits of drinking moderate amounts of coffee, and among these is its positive influence in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. A recent report, which summarized epidemiological studies suggesting the link between moderate coffee intake and diabetes, was presented at the 2012 World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and Its Complications. The report highlighted research showing that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee daily may lower the risk for diabetes by 25% compared to drinking none or fewer than two cups daily. Another study showed that there is a dose-dependent relationship between daily consumption of […]

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Diabetes Linked to High HFCS Consumption

Countries where more high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is found in their food supply are more likely to have higher type 2 diabetes rates than countries that do not use it, researchers report. According to researchers from USC and the University of Oxford they have found that in countries with higher use of HFCS the average prevalence of type 2 diabetes was 8%, compared with 6.7% in other countries. Their report was recently published in the journal Global Public Health. These results were found after adjustments were made for body mass index, population, and gross domestic product. Michael Goran, the […]

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Diabetics Must Plan Meals for the Holidays

Beginning with Thanksgiving, the season of merry eating is just around the corner, and everyone, especially diabetics must plan a strategy to maintain their health while enjoying the festivities. Experts from the Harris Health System led by Dr. Ashok Balasubramanyam, chief, Endocrinology and Talar L. Glover, MS, RN, director, Diabetes Service Line and Patient Education, recommend simple strategies for diabetics to stay healthy during the holidays. These include planning sensible meals, controlling portions, and engaging in regular exercise. Balasubramanyam adds that diabetics have to take care of their health by eating right, exercising and maintaining blood sugar levels by regular […]

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Vitamin D May Help Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have found a link between serum vitamin D3 levels and the incidence of type 1 diabetes. The study involved nearly 2,000 volunteers and results suggest that vitamin D3 may prevent this disease. Lead author Cedric Garland, DrPH, FACE, professor in UCSD’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine states that their study is the first to show a dose-response relationship between vitamin D deficicncy and type I diabetes, supporting previous studies which have suggested their association. The investigators used samples from blood serum specimens frozen by the Department of Defense […]

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