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Zoledronic acid is a drug used as part of treatment of cancer patients to reduce or delay bone complications from bone metastases. Researchers found that response to this treatment may be influenced by a patient’s vitamin D status. Researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom have found that breast cancer patients who have insufficient vitamin D levels could have a worse prognosis after standard treatment with zoledronic acid than in patients with normal levels of vitamin D. On the other hand, postmenopausal women who have sufficient levels of the vitamin are less likely to experience breast cancer recurrence […]

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Scientists at the University of Colorado have found that obesity and overeating may increase the risk for aggressive breast tumor growth in postmenopausal women. Paul S. MacLean, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine at the University, however, states that although this could not be shown in humans, their study, which involved the use of laboratory rats, mimicked the events that link premenopausal obesity to postmenopausal breast cancer. The authors report in Cancer Research (a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research) that obese postmenopauseal women have been found to have an increased risk breast cancer and had the tendency to […]

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Meditation and Art Therapy Improve Brain Activity

A new study published in the journal Stress and Health reveals that combining creative art therapy with a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program can help women with breast cancer to reduce stress levels that can impact their health. High levels of stress and anxiety are believed to result in poor health outcomes in patients with cancer, and researchers from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine demonstrated that these interventions can improve blood flow to the brain which correlate with reducing stress. The study involved 18 breast cancer patients who were randomly assigned to a Mindfulness-based Art Therapy (MBAT) program […]

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Body Fat Linked to Risk of Death in Breast Cancer

New research suggests that the amount of body fat (either very high or low) is associated with low survival rates from breast cancer. Research scientist Marilyn Kwan in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research reports that breast cancer patients who are underweight, extremely obese or have high levels of abdominal fat have a greater risk for death than other patients. The investigators analyzed data from more than 12,000 women in the California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium and found that patients who were underweight had a 47% increased of dying compared to patients with normal weight, while extremely obese […]

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Memory Training for Breast Cancer Survivors

A significant problem among breast cancer survivors is their quality of life after treatment. Many women experience problems with memory and feelings of slowing mental processes, which can lead to fatigue, anxiety and depression. Diane M. Von Ah, Ph.D., R.N., assistant professor at the IU School of Nursing reports that these symptoms can be severe enough for patients to feel they have a poorer quality of life which persists after the end of their treatment. So far, there are very few treatment programs which address such problems for this group of patients. With her colleagues Von Ah studied two different […]

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